An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Joachim VR

1462.54 (4,400,190th)
1,992 (83,692nd)
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Title Δ
Twitter Bootstrap onclick not working 0.00
How to pass email address in the format in an update... +0.55
Unable to capitalize the word in JS +0.18
Not load resources when application is offline 0.00
Issue with moving list items with jQuery -1.42
How to override inline CSS without using !important or javascript? -1.88
LINQ (Unable to cast object of type 'System.Double' to type 'System... -0.35
Difference between using or not using prototype: they seem apparent... +2.49
jquery trigger change event on checkbox -0.18
How to change the images on button click -0.09
Converting a Javascript JSON.stringfy string to an object using c#... +0.35
What is the semantically correct way to break these lines? -3.41
Manipulating ItemTemplate interntal controls in ASP.NET using C# +1.00
Why I can't access to the Count property after a .ToList() +1.43
Fetch Gmail Inbox with attachments 0.00
static abstract class +4.64
the question about sql left join on? -2.02
Is there any difference between transactions in and stored... -2.12
Should I use System.Guid.NewGuid() or using System and then Guid.Ne... -2.77
A href pointed to nowhere added # to url +2.09
how to have title in double quotes in html or asp tag -0.85
Create an Index Based Class in c# .Net -1.69
Unable to cast one anonymous type to another -2.91
How to include user control in .htm pages +0.71
Changes to Web Service not reflected in application that has Web Re... -3.39
TypeConverter vs. Convert vs. TargetType.Parse -3.43
C# Handle a dialog's button click in another form -2.24
ASP.NET Server Side ProgressBar +0.03
Subsonic/Linq Not a sequence error what does it mean -1.01
Issue with ampersand in Input element -0.16
c# windows form app +2.53
Login screen using user custom control -1.26
Postback problem when PopupExtender is placed inside a user control +0.22
Simple regex question (regex included) +1.35
How to return linq query into single object +1.39
c# autoclose window with sleep but text disappears -2.91
Is it time to switch for HTML5 and CSS3? -1.75
typeof & GetType -1.52
DirectoryNotFoundException - could not find a part of the path +4.27
Problem with string as reference parameter when method takes Object... -1.19
Drop down input in IE8 0.00
insert javascript only on page postback -3.27
Why <hr class="hidden" />? +3.68
Convert Linq ObjectQuery IQueryable to IEnumerable +1.70
Generic type conversion -1.83
VB Partial class... stuck! -2.50
Does an Application memory leak cause an Operating System memory le... -1.01
C# - require an interface on a base class but only the implementati... -3.59
Cannot access the CSS class for a link button from Code behind +0.12
How do I attach an event handler to an ASP.NET control created at r... -1.18