An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1677.43 (259th)
140,981 (418th)
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Title Δ
Why doesn't this work to convert a list of map to a single map? 0.00
Python string 2d list to mixed int/string list -0.83
Shell scripting cut -d " " -f4 file.txt command +1.13
How to break for loop from inside of its try catch block? +1.81
Joining list with different separators in Python 0.00
What am I doing wrong? My code tells me the guess is incorrect, whe... +0.27
Getting value out of json using python +1.36
how to find column whose name contains a specific string -1.46
Convert dictionaries with list of values into a dataframe +1.14
Writing a more concise OR condition with Python +0.84
Round up to certain number +0.27
Fastest way to compare a list to a dict of lists +0.25
Removing empty space before "/" in DataFrame +0.27
Loop gets slower after each iteration +0.81
Subtraction of elements column-wise, in pandas +0.76
Appendind return of a function results in None -0.21
How to print argument from created function? 0.00
Write a function that removes all occurrences of a given letter fro... -0.62
converting a muti-time formatted string into seconds (pandas) +1.70
how to remove the last characters of a variable in python? -0.71
Split string on n or more whitespaces -0.76
Count all possible triangles -0.76
Unique combinations of a list of tuples -1.00
Using Python's in-built methods for string formatting +0.53
Determine if a unicode character exists in a unicode subset 0.00
How can i loop over same list again with an conditional increment c... 0.00
python3: .strip( ) not working as expected 0.00
How to get the first day of the next month in Python? -1.15
Decorator timer function with variable formatting (decimal places)? 0.00
How do I print a checkerboard pattern in Python? +0.98
How set a value from terminal linux? 0.00
Manipulating a List Values in Nested Dictionary in Python -0.24
Python, for loop for to break repetition +1.09
How to print the output of a generator +1.13
Regular expression match numbers in Python +0.27
Sort a nested dict into an ordered list in Python 2.7 0.00
how to pick random items from a list while avoiding picking the sam... +0.63
Pass String Variable Through As Python Attribute +0.61
python merge 3 lists into 1 list +0.85
Tuples and Dictionaries contained within a List +0.27
Python obtaining list of first days in a month from list of datetime 0.00
Python: how to print non string array? -0.06
how to sort list of tuples within a list? 0.00
Python: Cannot print tuple of 5 lists to file -0.07
Adding custom parameter in an url on Python 3.5 0.00
Double vs. single quotes using formatted printing in python +0.28
how to output a score for a word PYTHON -0.28
Working with nested lists in Python +0.23
dealing with multiple lists +0.28
Python Dictionary to Pandas Dataframe +0.26