An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.14 (4,190,783rd)
17,803 (7,746th)
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Title Δ
Speed up C program without using conditional compilation -0.47
Speed up C program without using conditional compilation +0.83
How can i optimize this code? -0.37
Can't access to internal property by reflection -1.35
What is the best normalization for street address? +0.09
.lnk shortcuts in Windows Form 0.00
In what cases exceptions should not be handled? +0.09
Why are static variable data lost and not instance when restarting... +3.58
Refactoring two lists of strings -0.10
Is there an open-source implementation of an XPathNavigator for POC... -0.39
Is there a shift and copy cpu instruction that can be accessed from... +2.72
.NET string split method strange behavior -1.38
How to make gcc ignore functions never called? -0.72
Closure in predicates with delegates unknown at compile-time -1.81
How to create an extension method with the same signature but diffe... -0.24
Format double type +1.48
what is the difference between using ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem a... -1.14
In a child class, how to get different types for a specific property? -0.34
Using one source in designer and one in production. -0.39
Array.Reverse() versus Enumerable.Reverse<TSource>() -1.23
ASP.NET: How to override a non-virtual method from a compiled assem... +0.30
C# - Is it possible to have null params? 0.00
Don't use backcolor on a label but still use a background from its... +0.59
Parameter Validation Best Practices +1.43
Facing Problem with Xpath if then else concept 0.00
How to fix an application that has a problem with decimal separator +1.97
Determining where object allocations for objects on the heap occured +0.68
boxing and unboxing in int and string -0.78
Sql query to sort data on one column only but not change the others... -0.56
Linq order by with cast as -1.34
Need concept for a particular type apps in c# -0.58
HTTP Request from c# program, requiring no response -0.30
The Stored Procedures Feud -1.40
What is the academic route for converting C# number types from one... -1.34
Garbage collector won't collect an object created with using -0.77
Does this time format look familiar? +0.09
Process.Start(url) in a loop not launching every instance +0.36
Check if a file exists on the server -0.70
Try/Catch does not catch -1.14
How do I determine the maximum number of excel sheets possible to c... -1.29
Can this EF query be optimized? -0.72
Global.asax.cs and Static variable -0.80
find the matching word C# -0.94
Change the order by field based on a condition -0.36
getElementbyID in PHP? +0.35
C# threading issue 0.00
Unable to xml serialize custom object -0.53
How to make a property or whatever to hold specific data .net +1.02
Sliding an array in java - algorithm based -0.84
How can I stress the GPU +1.96