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Erik Reppen

1443.48 (4,534,023rd)
3,877 (43,278th)
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Title Δ
Regular expressions for 301 redirect -1.04
How can I pass a callback to a generator that I pass to the "v... -1.37
Lodash: slice array and keep a specific item +0.13
trying to access EL variable in javascript +0.11
How to find parent of child element by class - Jquery -0.59
CSS3 Columns using viewport width +0.08
javascript/jquery How to cancel .on when a class is present -0.42
CSS - why does margin-top change the parent divs margin top? +3.08
Close loading overlay with javascript 0.00
In Regular Expression, if the first parenthesis doesn't match, can... -0.43
Function not being executed +0.08
How to add dynamic HTML content (DIV) using JavaScript? +0.07
What's the opposite of "prototype"? +0.47
Phonegap FileReader readAsText returns null but readAsDataURL works 0.00
Poor performance upon scrolling a canvas within a div on android 0.00
HTML5 and Canvas scrolling: trick interesting or useless? +0.07
How do I tell Mocha to only run a certain test in the browser (and... 0.00
Replacing or removing javascript 0.00
Can I use jquery children() to select children of a child element? +0.85
nested array/object creating html? -0.66
Retrieving array values using indexOf -0.25
How to implement inheritance in Node.JS -0.30
Should Node.js module developers use Underscore.js? -0.61
Mobile development :Native VS Cross Platform -0.40
Google Maps InfoWindow with AJAX - "Uncaught TypeError: Object... +0.57
If I Iterate Over an Objects Properties using JQuery $.each() is th... -1.25
What's wrong with this style of coding JavaScript? (closures vs. pr... -1.56
Multiple Javascript widgets on a single page +1.97
Creating custom event out of window.onhashchange functionality, for... 0.00
Absolute sizing using CSS -0.99
When is ternary operator worse than simple if-else block? -0.54
How can I include more than one Javascript file? +0.04
JavaScript - Flexible arguments +3.01
Javascript OOP and Inheritance Technique +0.02
Need help creating javascript regexp 0.00
How to disable an arrow using java script of a carousel +0.08
How do I get the main property of a javascript object? +0.16
How to realize 3D Curve Wall with jQuery or js 0.00
JS MVC game dynamic objects? 0.00
Google Play hero slider? 0.00
Comparmentalize HTML via Javascript or jQuery -0.38
Extarnal Javascript doesn't work, but internal works 0.00
Getting around closure when assigning Events to objects in an Array... +2.41
JavaScript: Is it worth making variables private and defining gette... +0.58
JavaScript: executing a function given as a variable -0.24
how to filter object in javascript -0.20
Instanced object and properties that are references -1.09
Phonegap App: Store all data in one object 0.00
JavaScript closures vs. anonymous functions +0.40
How do I know when a new (Spry) accordion tab has been selected (si... +0.08