An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.08 (89,139th)
7,803 (20,279th)
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Title Δ
Thread safe producer/consumer with shared queue in C 0.00
How to connect C++ system calls to freertos -0.04
draw good circle with C 0.00
Is it possible to implement nonstop API endpoint pinging in backgro... 0.00
Two Task Synchronisation With Mutex In FreeRTOS -1.30
Adding the -O2 option when cross-compiling causes the unwind backtr... 0.00
Segmentation fault when allocating array on the heap +1.37
Coding C libraries for an Operating System 0.00
What is the amplification factor required for android's media r... 0.00
Application crashes in GDB but not when running normally, crash occ... 0.00
Python: How to sum two signed int16 arrays into one without overflow 0.00
Why don't core C or C++ texts mention sound or graphics? -1.08
How do mobile apps developed on Desktops work? +2.48
Play a sine wave indefinitely until told to stop in java +1.84
How to access mutex created by a C++ process in a Python process? 0.00
I think I am exceeding available memory for this process. Can someo... -0.01
Why do ARM saves return address in Link Register instead of the sta... 0.00
Implementing a Hash Table in C Programming with Dynamic Memory Allo... 0.00
Writing request in flash device 0.00
Difference between sampling rate, bit rate and bit depth -2.13
Question about the logic of flag setting in assembly language 0.00
Returning string constants in switch-case block with std::string -1.30
Detached threads accessing global or static objects 0.00
How can I reduce delay when sending audio over UDP? 0.00
Why does this O(n^2) code execute faster than O(n)? +0.19
Stack overflow error in C++ after vectorization -1.19
Can Apple Push Notifications be used as message queues? 0.00
messed up window content when rendered in thread 0.00
Optimizing a Python synth on Raspberry Pi -0.52
Audio spectrum analyzer (4410 values into 15 bars) 0.00
How to use vectors in C++ using Xcode 7.3? 0.00
Standard libraries of LLVM C++ and GNU C++ have different headers +0.75
Intel compilator for loop speed c -1.90
What situation uses this syntax: thing.Foo().Bar(this) -0.04
std::thread Unhanded exception accessing this* -1.14
Java .wav file frequency analysis - incorrect frequency 0.00
Does modern sound cards typically contain an emulated OPL2 (YM3812)... 0.00
Can someone explain me the output ? (C++11) 0.00
iOS - Why Does It Work When I Compare Two NSNumbers With "==&q... -0.48
Is std::type_index safe across DLLs -2.33
C++11 random library in Android JNI 0.00
What is the best multithreading approach to low-latency audio synth... -2.06
How to convert a float between -1.0 and +1.0 to dB(A) of sound pres... +1.86
Is sound system in linux layered system as OSI model? 0.00
C++ Catch and throw: I am trying to an integer array and it is not... +0.48
Why is -pthread necessary for usage of std::thread in GCC and Clang? 0.00
C++ serial thread executor +0.45
iOS - Audible pop after filtered sound stops 0.00
( p5.js ) FFT report lower frequencies "too loud" and hig... 0.00
Spectrogram from AVAudioPCMBuffer using Accelerate framework in Swift -0.52