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1705.37 (130th)
169,382 (305th)
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Title Δ
Accessing a private data member from within a member function -0.87
What's the @ operator? -0.28
Where should function prototypes be declared? -1.68
Why can't we allocate dynamic memory on the stack? -0.01
Can size of an array be determined at runtime? +0.53
How to determine if an element in a multidimensional array is empty 0.00
C++ While Loop Break +0.75
C++ Do these constitute memory leaks? -0.12
Private Variable Inheritance 0.00
portability of inline free functions in header file -2.01
C++ class name conflict -1.18
"Most Important Const" again +0.65
"already defined " error in VC++ +0.18
dynamic memory allocation in c , free some part of memory that is a... +0.82
How to use memset function in two dimensional array for intializati... -2.13
no match for ‘operator<<’ in ‘std::operator -0.81
called destructors for class during going out of scope -1.36
The subtle difference between #ifdef and #if for a macro defined as 0 -1.10
Calling function from another file 0.00
class and variable declaration( of same class type) 0.00
Size definition of strcat() function -0.95
Difference between the methods of instantiating array +0.73
Can't define class functions OUTSIDE class +0.23
If function f() returns a pointer, which is correct: auto* v = f()... -1.06
Pointers in C++ : How large should an object be to need use of a po... -0.46
Reading pointers twice is giving garbage values +0.60
How to define global pointer to struct in C? +0.44
When to use pthread_exit() and when to use pthread_join() in Linux? +0.61
Variable Scope in C programming -1.57
Why is variable-length array working in this C code? 0.00
size of derived class object in virtual inheritance -0.63
overriding virtual function to non-virtual function is OK? +0.46
how to run a loop to values we have in array in C? -1.77
what's the necessity of the implementation of a pure virtual function -1.00
Dynamic memory allocation from the heap +0.22
May I place "using namespace std" into my namespace, that... +0.64
Why is sizeof Derived Class is 8? +0.87
Create a reference with new in C++ +0.23
Error in C++ : redefinition of class constructor -0.40
C++ default Constructor not being called +1.99
C++ returning a char pointer and printing -1.48
How to define a function with two struct parameters from two differ... +1.37
What is wrong with this declaration in C? +1.07
Why numeric arrays don't end with a '\0' or null character? -1.18
If I have Pthread code on Linux, is there an advantage to implement... +0.38
how small should be the code for inlining -0.32
Can reassigning a C style string cause a memory leak? -1.81
Getting "Expected an identifier" and "missing ';' be... 0.00
Initializing a pointer in another class +1.00
basic C++ syntax: why is the namespace used before the variable nam... +1.35