An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1471.44 (4,517,538th)
9,600 (15,984th)
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Title Δ
Compile error while yielding a sequence through mutable variable +4.45
How should an event be declared in an F# interface? +6.30
Weird thread NullReferenceException when reading value that exists? 0.00
Passing a delegate as a type parameter and using it throws error CS... -2.79
Create (pseudo) Cyclic Discriminated Unions in F# -1.73
Formating an integer as octal 0.00
Information about IronJS 0.00
What is the difference between delegates in C# and functions as fir... -3.52
How to detect .NET 4 from ASP.NET? -3.23
How to match "any character" in Java Regular Expression? -1.07
Precision error on matrix multiplication -1.30
Transactions in C# -3.03
Multiple Inheritance, Polymorphism and newer ways of programming -0.69
Is it possible to cast a graph of objects? -1.97
Problem with getting custom errors to display on IIS7 0.00
Converting big String back to Array - PHP +1.00
Add one to the value of a textfield -0.07
jQuery scope for parent ID +0.29
PHP API Key Generator -3.76
Object Graphs and Inheritance -1.90
How to initialize an array of arrays (or jagged array) using CodeDom? 0.00
Tree Datastructures +4.05
Python String Cleanup + Manipulation (Accented Characters) -2.76
Code Golf: Evaluating Mathematical Expressions +1.69
I am getting error : The type or namespace name 'List Item' could n... -2.38
Handy F# snippets 0.00
Handy F# snippets 0.00
Text Display in PHP -3.93
Are ids in mysql guaranteed not to be repeated, even if rows are de... +3.57
Object Oriented Analysis and Design -2.43
Do many Python libraries have relatively low code quality? -3.18
Java Object Serialization Performance tips -1.02
Changing font colour in Textboxes in IE which are disabled -3.54
PHP object keeping -0.82
Sets in Ruby? -4.24
Web Application - User Authentication Across Domains -3.88
SQL LIKE query failing - fatal error in prepared statement -2.84
CLR vs JIT +5.18
Perform INSERT with SELECT to insert multiple records -3.02
F# how to abstract Console.ReadLine() as string seq 0.00
Code golf: combining multiple sorted lists into a single sorted list 0.00
I’m stunned: weird problem with python and sockets + threads -1.73
If your slightly strange CSS code works on all browsers on Windows,... -3.26
Regex for strings ending in .cs but not in .g.cs +4.40
Kohana PHP, ORM and MySQL BLOBs -4.19
Selecting unique rows in a set of two possibilities +0.42
Selecting unique rows in a set of two possibilities +0.42
Selecting unique rows in a set of two possibilities +0.42
How can I allow others to create Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Perl web us... +4.06
Are there many users of PRADO out there? -0.02