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1653.88 (493rd)
17,042 (8,111th)
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Title Δ
Python3 - Get most central rectangle from list of coordinates 0.00
How to sort Python list with date -1.30
numpy array eval representation formula 0.00
python how to draw a variable again if it is the same as another va... -1.02
Recursion: account value with distributions +0.29
How to return some column items in a numpy array? +1.03
Format strings with fixed width (unicode and utf8) -0.75
Python Check how many times item appears in a row in list +0.29
How in a numpy array we can select just rows that are multiples of... 0.00
Count list/tuple elements which are different than variable? +0.15
Python Pandas -- Concatenate strings if condition 0.00
ImportError: No module named env 0.00
Python: converting numpy.float64 to float 0.00
argument of type is not iterable or how to find substring in logger... 0.00
Escaping single quotes JSON 0.00
List with words and float, count sum of float -0.71
How do I make my python program get the index of a string? +0.42
Python - Wrap text in list -1.20
Numerically sort comma separated strings of numbers +1.18
Fastest way to get system uptime in Python in Linux -2.75
Remove words with spaces -0.31
Display image of PNG binary that is stored in MongoDB -1.49
Python Convert String into Integer by lines? +0.28
Print unknown number of lists as columns +0.27
Python remove list elements +0.72
Python simultaneously loop, enumerate, and add to a dictionary -0.64
How can I build a weighted random list? 0.00
Python Manipulate list of tuples +0.95
Appending different items to different keys in Python dictionary +1.24
Python group and sum +0.24
Hierarchical Searching in a List in Python 0.00
how to aggregate list values by sum of each elem -0.13
Adding variable inside quotes in a python script +0.29
Locating the dictionary within a list when inputting a specific value -2.81
Find elements that occur in some but not all lists -1.34
getting an elements of the matrix in efficient way with itertools h... -0.52
Return object from list for which a specific condition calculated f... +1.99
numpy split doesn't work on float array +0.30
How to merge 4 columns based on user-defined criterion -0.21
Functional Python with Lists +1.01
Python get a list of years +1.44
NumPy Vectorize a function, unknown shape 0.00
Reverse sort of Numpy array with NaN values -1.25
Sort list with multiple criteria in python +1.00
How to replace only the first n elements in a numpy array that are... +0.56
Decrypting a file to a stream and reading the stream into pandas (h... 0.00
Are L1 = {a^n b^n | n < 4 } and L2 = {a^n b^n | n < 10^10^10... 0.00
Update map in-place -2.99
manipulating two dictionaries in python +1.25
Find position of items wrapping a given value in a list 0.00