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Bowie Owens

1484.31 (4,350,166th)
2,188 (76,533rd)
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Title Δ
CMAKE: "No CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER could be found." 0.00
typeDef not passing between classes (likey) 0.00
Iterator as a separate class outside of the class of a linked list... 0.00
Subclassing a virtual function with a subclassed type 0.00
Why does std::(multi)set provide non const iterator methods -1.63
C++ template doesn't improve performance 0.00
String overflow in C++ 0.00
Slow performance using STL in NEH algorithm 0.00
Python pip unable to locate pyodbc 0.00
error: ambiguous overload for operator= in Map<int, std::basic_s... 0.00
Cast of std::vector of same parameter type but with different const... 0.00
g++ custom exception handler 0.00
using RTTI in c++ to cast an object to the correct type +4.25
Casting templated class to more general specialization 0.00
Extract the list of public methods of a class separately using Doxy... +4.27
Creating a type based identification number in old code with minima... 0.00
Can C++ do something like an ML case expression? +4.33
git svn - clone repo with all externals 0.00
C++ implementation of knapsack branch and bound +4.03
c++ finding memory leak 0.00
template with duck typing in C++ -2.96
Update Boost version of library dependent on Boost libraries withou... 0.00
fprintf not writing to the pipe +0.33
Comprehensive vector vs linked list benchmark for randomized insert... -3.25
Is there a significant inherent cost of object instantiation in C++? -3.49
A* and N-Puzzle optimization +4.31
Is this a mixin and can it be done in c++? 0.00
SWIG and C++ constructors 0.00
Custom run-time type system/ library for C++ 0.00
Parallel IplImage transformation using OpenMP 0.00
Blocking queue race condition? -3.84
Best way to sort a tree node? -3.52
Do template class member function implementations always have to go... -1.69
Linux exec from c++ +1.70
What is the correct link options to use std::thread in GCC under li... 0.00
huge Graph storage issue -1.13
Controlling the fill value (e.g. 0xCC) for uninitialized stack vari... 0.00
Having some a map and some root we'd like to follow what standart a... 0.00
C - Return a char pointer without malloc -2.86
how to increase the size of virtual memory page file for the applic... -2.00
Can casts be completely avoided with a good design? -1.52
googletest friendly alternative to C++ assert()? -3.71
Why declare a constant pointer using the const keyword when the ref... -3.03
Best way to visualize a graph and voronoi diagram in c++ +4.10
How to get rid of a dynamic_cast here? -3.00
Is it good practice to use the comma operator? +0.57
Templates, interfaces (multiple inheritance) and static functions (... -2.92
Inheritance of overloaded methods in Java and C++ differ in what fu... +3.88
I want a template function that takes a pointer to member, but I do... +0.20
mem_func and for_each usage 0.00