An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1546.58 (9,040th)
16,385 (8,517th)
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Title Δ
Why does ~n give -(n+1)? +0.90
How to create image from literal bytes in Python? -1.92
Wpf, AvalonEdit and keyboard navigation problem 0.00
WPF, button inheriting Foreground for its content -1.71
WPF Listbox focus from viewmodel +0.41
Native dependencies in .NET web app doesn't load +1.57
Extract part of text, which is JSON or XML -0.18
WPF - displaying a "dynamic" table 0.00
Android in-app purchases: full dev version 0.00
Sending strings (bytes) over Bluetooth in Android 0.00
SQLite query for n-th day of month -1.82
SQL query for most matching tags -0.44
How to make ImageView match width basing on fixed height? -0.11
Cannot download System.Data.Sqlite via Nuget in VS2015 +0.43
Casting User Control +0.98
Visual Studio extension could not find a required assembly 0.00
"Magic" bitmap with transparency 0.00
What does it mean for(;1;) in C language? -0.90
PInvoke WPF HWND and const void* -1.46
get alphabatic list from numeric one -1.27
How to implement popup in Windows Phone +1.12
Need a little guidance to make GUI calculator using C#? +0.43
How to do a recursive LINQ query? -1.74
Why is there no memory leak here -0.55
C++ creating object with *new -0.33
Forward based ray tracer in C++ -0.28
When We use Constructors on the Heap and Constructors on the Stack? -0.39
Creating a custom operator - '!?' (negation of '??'... -0.95
What exactly happens when a header file is included? +0.32
c# referencing my calculation instead of just taking its value when... 0.00
Need help converting Graphics32 Delphi sample to C++ -1.51
Set uniform color to pixel shader 0.00
Iterate over letters in a for loop -0.97
Why should I create setup project +0.42
Repeated #include in headers -0.62
ToolStripMenuItem disable button 0.00
initializing an arbitrary-size array of pointers in a constructor +1.99
Properly written for-loops, normal and inverse, C++ basics +0.60
How to compare numbers in any base -0.43
Override paint method doesn't work correctly +0.60
Casting vector from one class to other class vector -1.57
cannot convert parameter 1 from 'Player *' to 'Player' c++ +0.98
Is there a standard C++ tool to parse arithmetic expressions? +1.96
Using "new" operator to create objects in an array C++ -1.98
How to finish cin after certain input length 0.00
How to correctly react on file change 0.00
C++ pointer to vector element, element erased -0.00
Execution time between functions with & without arguments C/C++ +0.83
What is exact meaning of expression that is pointer and reference? 0.00
Why use Webview when you can represent HTML content in a web page? 0.00