An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.98 (397,320th)
637 (222,013th)
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Title Δ
FileUpload.HasFile is always false, no update panel, worked until t... 0.00
DataGridViewComboBoxCell populated but will not display content 0.00
How to fix data duplicating issue when i try to submit a form 0.00
how can I check if a BST is symmetric in its structure +4.16
Printing rows and columns in a 2D Array? +0.16
Splitting a string into sub-strings with split.String(""); +4.17
Trying to write a simple program in java to calculate shipping pric... 0.00
Reading from a text file and Matching user input to certain field c... -4.01
ASCII Animation Using System.Console.ANSI 0.00
Java confused by this syntax +0.32
Java: Searching through unsorted integer array and returning how ma... +2.07
Canvas.drawColor() Producing black background 0.00
Reading from a file arrays -0.03
Same button outputting different sounds -0.00
Programming test on algorithms? +2.69
AVLTree Node Removal 0.00
Stopping user input after certain entry? +0.12
Java Check if a new date range falls/crossovers between other date... -3.91
String method output not understanding +0.21
How to remove My.Settings data 0.00
Program on finding duplicates in an array withput any predefined me... +2.04
Variable size array GLSL -3.82
Concurrently working tasks +4.08
Delete an element in Array Java -2.78
How to check an array on runtime if contains certain value 0.00
Java (dice roll deciding who goes first in a snakes and ladders gam... +4.04
Your connection is not private in Windows 10 0.00
Illegal start of expression when trying to initiate an Object Array -2.14
Scanner won't wait to read nextInt() in loop -3.92
A java program that generates 100 random numbers +3.82
Method that muliply elemente of a list, with ArrayList as parameter +4.12
Href link to send me to the image url for all the images displayed... 0.00
Renaming an obscure file Java -3.93
Flatten list of list of strings into single comma separated list +0.24
Calculate average value in array -1.93
Is there a way to remove the odd indexes from an array?ja +4.04
NoSuchElementException while using Scanner object and iterating in... +1.32
Java ArrayList ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException -3.79
Why am i getting this exception? StringIndexOutOfBounds -1.50
Quick Sort not sorting iterative solution +4.10
Using a while loop to output factorials 0.00
Compiler don't see main method -3.08
Binary Search Tree boolean check for children Java 0.00
How to remove name that added to a file? 0.00
Why does removing this first part change the answer? -- (inverse sq... 0.00
Recursive indexOf() method for self-made class -3.97
Creating an output File in java +0.10
Using substrings to split up strings -1.68
what is the mistake in this code (BST) -2.73
Unable to pass my array of numbers into another class -4.07