An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1370.53 (4,259,980th)
12,982 (11,161st)
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Title Δ
Total of all numbers from 1 to N will always be zero -0.14
Find possible numbers in array that can sum to a target value 0.00
Check if a list of lists has two or more identical elements -0.31
Haskell Lambda Case Or -0.70
Nested applicative functors of different types in Haskell -1.04
All ways of dividing an array (element combinations) into a custom... -1.42
Haskell wrap function implementation -1.33
Haskell stack command line flag for executing an expression +3.22
Ternary operator function for JavaScript 'get middle letter'... -1.12
Haskell eta reduction using map and $ for function application -0.73
algorithm to compress a string +0.56
Haskell - split a list into two sublists with closest sums +0.66
Generate all permutations of a list including diferent sizes and re... -0.12
Convert a list of digits to a number HASKELL +1.97
Haskell compression on list of lists -0.87
Understanding lists in list in recursive function - haskell -0.73
Check if number has its digits in order +1.48
Longest common sub-list -0.95
Split a list into non-empty sub-lists in Haskell +1.36
Can I use let in guards on Haskell? +0.37
How to recursively iterate through a list of 3-tuples in Haskell 0.00
Splitting a list dependent of contents -0.34
Haskell cast Integer to Int -0.91
How to sum a number in a list +1.14
Sum all data in array of objects into new array of objects +0.20
Why does Haskell use mergesort instead of quicksort? -1.15
Nested List weight sum javascript -0.85
Finding n-gram frequencies in a large set of sentences 0.00
Javascript - How to merge to objects but keep only the same propert... +0.89
Reassigning a global variable from within a function -1.18
Convert arrays of strings to one array JS +0.03
Iterating over an array of objects, summing values with the same in... +0.04
How to properly use a function that is recursive and receives a sin... -0.33
Simple algorithm -0.70
How to triple even numbers in a list? -0.96
How do I search for words similar to other words? -0.33
Remove extra zeros from a string -0.87
Escaping the promise chain when it's completed +2.58
Javascript Skipping Adjacent Value as Undefined +0.14
Javascript - Check if an array contains only specified values -0.07
JS - How do i run script again when new text elements are added to... 0.00
Does the asyc\await syntax resolve chained functions? 0.00
Functional way to create an array of numbers +0.10
Dynamic sequential execution of promises +1.27
Inner class in ES6 takes more memory? -0.05
How to get a random number without duplicate digits in JavaScript/j... +1.56
DOM - timing of simultaneous events vs setTimeout -0.77
What makes a JavaScript function asynchronous? -0.33
Return from a Promise in an API function without further processing... +0.17
Javascript validation of user input 0.00