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Rating Stats for

Daniel Gehriger

1533.17 (15,533rd)
5,481 (29,926th)
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Title Δ
How Can I Access The Private Member Of A Class From Within a Header... -0.96
CreateWindowExA failing on Windows 8 (Pro 64-bit) 0.00
Boost shared_ptr assert fails but the value is not NULL 0.00
Context based transformation will be remembered means in marmalade... -0.42
Convert integer from (pure) binary to BCD +0.86
Pair of vectors instead of a vector<pair>? -0.55
Porting code from MFC to C# +0.43
Use STL internally in a static lib with different versions of visua... 0.00
using std::remove_reference to get an element iterator of STL conta... -0.45
A C routine to round a float to n significant digits? +1.76
C - how to use PROGMEM to store and read char array -3.78
Why should I not use __fastcall instead the standard __cdecl? -3.45
Two problems in code (open file with console string, and delete[]) +2.02
Using the Python/C API to get the values of PyStrings in the interp... 0.00
Char Array contains null characters before the end +3.31
C++ Binary file reading +0.20
Is it legal to write code like C#? -3.90
Porting in-house bug fixes in open-source libraries to newer versions +0.66
Translating a rectangle's coordinates 0.00
How to extract the useful data with regular expression in C# -4.40
Conversion of boost::optional to bool +3.38
Recommend sorted collection to search closest value left and right +3.96
using libcurl to create a standalone site-polling program -0.40
Architecture for very long process (a persons life time) -2.94
Problem in C - How to erase a array in a database struct +2.23
Getting a HANDLE from a std::ofstream -1.50
compile problem C++ -2.17
How can I find a project that has uncommited changes to source cont... -4.49
how to use regexp to replace "t e x t" by "text"? 0.00
How to check out a SVN directory? -0.57
Check if Polygon is Self-Intersecting +3.47
Calling a Method in Constructor +1.82
Virtual Functions and Performance C++ -0.93
C++ for-loop - size_type vs. size_t +3.80
SVN ignore being ignored -4.17
SVN: moving files from inside the folder -4.66
Is it possible to access the underlying pointer from a given iterat... -3.46
How to get the line number from a file in C++? -1.06
Methods for encrypting an archive in C++ -0.83
Do .. While Loop/Textfile/Operation Problem 0.00
Sending Protobuf Messages with boost::asio 0.00
C Linux read/write word from memory (segment,offset) +2.74
C++ - faster downcasting children of a tree-node? -4.47
Fstream fails to create new file +0.35
Access violation error by using pointer to creat object +4.76
Template argument deduction from function body +3.67
quick question about remote ssh +3.58
Difference between win32 dll and .net dll in the context of web app... 0.00
Detecting connection requests without looping -3.79
Any idea how these lat/lon pairs are formatted? -2.56