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Sebastian Hoffmann

1547.12 (8,849th)
1,282 (125,246th)
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Title Δ
How to add standard routine to every function in array of function... +2.03
How to resolve this problems with move semantics -3.96
C++ is there an existing no-op function (or syntax) that takes any... -1.48
Is this defining a lambda function and assigning the function point... 0.00
The code does not assign value to an inherited function parameter a... 0.00
Storing user information in an array 0.00
Getting memory address in c++ without ampersand (&) operator 0.00
What is the most efficient to find correlation coefficients of time... 0.00
How to include different number of objects at compile time in the i... -2.82
comparison function causing problem in vector of vector sorting[lee... -4.57
How to assign const enum variable to normal enum variable using C++? 0.00
Using this pointer in parameterized constructor 0.00
threading, if-else statement, both are wrong after context switch,... 0.00
Initialize base class members from another base class 0.00
Is it possible to make variable truly read-only in C++? 0.00
C++ Problem with Vector Iterator on ESP8266 Microcontroller 0.00
how to print the type name (subject Template) 0.00
C++ Conversion UTF-8 to String 0.00
std::greater on a an std::pair of a double and a class -2.00
Is there a way how to store periodic number into a variable 0.00
Dynamic Array Error Help: '>>': no operator found whi... 0.00
Nested C Array Struct Alignment in Clang 0.00
Storing heterogeanous class type in a variable +3.31
What options do I have if I want to realloc memory and use 32 (or 6... 0.00
Double brackets? +3.23
how to convert const Uint8* to Uint8* 0.00
Little problem with pointers and constants in C++ +1.40
Why is understanding this recursion example so difficult to put int... +3.51
Address of converted object 0.00
pandas.DataFrame.round() not truncating decimal values after desire... 0.00
How to get the mean of each index in a list and take the ones that... +3.46
Is it possible to assign the value for a variable by using other va... +3.41
Delete file type in python in folder and all subfolders +3.53
Why "conv1d" is different in C code, python and pytorch 0.00
How to remove values from dictionary that are not numbers in Python? +3.60
Unsupported operands for range and float, what am I doing wrong? +3.66
(Pdb) coming up when executing python script 0.00
Why 'all' function in Python receives array instead of *args? -2.52
Converting integer to string in c++ +2.39
C++ How convert string to a byte array? 0.00
TypeError: range() integer end argument expected, got str +3.21
Skip variable number of iterations in Python for loop -3.63
Python: If element not in list, add to new list -0.06
Index a certain table based on variable? 0.00
Python list unpacking, is this expensive? Is it inefficient? 0.00
Class overhead in C++ +2.50
Pythonic way to check generator values using its own elements +3.80
too many arguments to function 'void isle()' -2.61
c++ singleton, strange error +3.63
How to make Thread function self contained 0.00