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1461.39 (4,271,916th)
100 (691,535th)
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Title Δ
Cascade delete in Entity Framework 6 fails to delete dependents. An... +0.45
LINQ - How to ignore empty lists in where +2.46
C# / .NET comparing two large lists and finding missing items from... -3.66
Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'MyTa... +0.40
how to return comma seperated values from within foreach loop -1.66
Joining multiple tables in mvc5 using Entity Framework -3.77
linq - Best way to get records from linked table -0.09
How do I map one entity to many entities in Entity Framework? 0.00
How to join two model and display them in view in mvc 3.0 EF 5 +0.21
Improve LINQ performance -3.67
Linq Query with Null for Related Field -4.08
CheckBox lists in ASP.NET MVC and bind it back to controller -0.80
How to make a dynamic LINQ query? +1.03
Linq making very inefficient Entity Framework query -2.19
Why EF generate foreign key? +0.20
How to get List of items in item model using Include 0.00
Convert SQL to Linq queries in Entity Framework -1.76
Unable to save because of 'another entity of the same type alre... 0.00
How to parse a list of Dictionarys (List<Dictionary<string, s... -2.01
Get single row using Entity Framework without getting all data -4.10
Does Entity framework accept/add data of an int PK that is not auto... -2.06
Join multiple one to many related tables in EF and select as view m... +0.15
ASP.NET MVC System.NotSupportedException LINQ to Entities query 0.00
How to invoke Expression<Func<Entity, bool>> against a... -3.28
.Range return true when it should be false -1.52
Search by Date using Linq query -1.79
Execute Function in IQueryable -3.12
Better way to Sort a Queryable by any property -3.97