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Vasiliy Vlasov

1519.48 (32,971st)
801 (186,189th)
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Title Δ
bower install does not create folder with packages even though it i... -0.18
Strange behavior of assertThat(actual).usingRecursiveComparison().i... 0.00
How to Mock REST API in unit testing? +3.84
method returning either a collection or a single value -0.14
java - better way to store student evaluations in class journal +3.86
Java Inheritance: Calling a subclass method in a superclass -1.34
WebSphere Application Server java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: j... 0.00
How to have different return type for different parameters using Mo... -2.16
Attribute should not be changed after creation +4.39
Using Object variables to reference new data types/objects +4.11
wildcard and generic from TreeItem +3.93
I am trying to develop web services REST application.I have a no id... -1.63
heap pollution for simple parameter +5.26
Does Java automatically save an 'evaluate' statement in a p... +3.36
Spring Data REST - RepositoryEventHandler methods not getting invok... -0.31
Injection of autowired dependencies failed inside a jar file 0.00
characters in for loop printing out too far away from values -2.86
Is Method local variable will garbage collected if stored in static... +5.06
Validating construcor parameters determined by another parameter -2.02
Every time I instantiate new object, attribute goes back to zero +2.54
How to do, Do while loop for this code? -3.16
Gradle - Could not target platform: 'Java SE 8' using tool... 0.00
Group the map values to avoid duplicate -1.43
java weird error with public static void 0.00
Getting an item from one position in a Circular Queue using an iter... +3.96
OpenCV java Face detection NullPointerException +4.05
Null Pointer exception in Java ( implementing visitor pattern) +4.16
How to get away with NPE for @Inject field while unit testing? 0.00
Non-static method getAssets can not be referenced from a static con... +1.85
Error creating bean with name '_loginCommandPostProcessor' 0.00
Why only one parent object is created in case of Serialization/Dese... -3.38
Putting array items into hashmap with 2 string -2.88
java open closed principle for multiple services -1.04
java- dto to model convert Error -1.94
Encoding and character set for iso-8859-1 -2.42
Hyperic HQ 4.6.6 server is configured to run on wrong domain name 0.00
Error 415 sending JSON to Spring MVC with AJAX -4.00
Cannot load dispatcher-servlet.xml from src/main/resources 0.00