An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1522.16 (25,263rd)
7,698 (20,516th)
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Title Δ
bounding box from 2d numpy array 0.00
How to make a for loop read files using a specific pattern 0.00
How to reshape python list without numpy 0.00
Is there a way for one method to get the next value from a generato... 0.00
Why does assigning a local variable change the behaviour of previou... 0.00
python Automatic Resampling of Data 0.00
Loglikelihood of normal distribution 0.00
Is there any easy way to add elements in lists in a list to make al... 0.00
Optimizing copying one array to another with some offset 0.00
Good way to see which condition is met in python +0.44
Removing patterns in list +0.95
Distance between point and parametric line (origin, orientation) in... 0.00
How do I change a list in python +1.78
Assigning Random Numbers to Variables Without Duplicates in Python -0.53
Count number of values in an entire DataFrame +2.35
Python vectorization, how to get all index for every row with numpy +1.33
Sorting binary matrix columns based on most significant bit in python +0.47
How to create a 3D (shape=m,n,o) array with ones along a specific (... +0.36
Find planes orthogonal to a known plane +0.43
How to update values in nested dictionary if keys are in a list? -0.55
What is an efficient way of counting the number of unique multiplic... -0.68
scipy.interpolate.interp1d with kind="previous" doesn'... 0.00
Filtering with a only one conditional +2.38
Getting iterations of a loop to output on same line +0.49
Alphabet position in python +1.26
Calculate AUC manually without using any Numpy or Sklearn library 0.00
How to lookup for Series in a Dataframe column 0.00
Best way to negate every other entry of the diagonal of a matrix in... +0.86
Create Tree Given Component Nodes and Operators +0.51
Numerical method in python- can't spot the problem? 0.00
How to count the number of sub-sequences in a string? -0.01
mutability of function parameters +1.23
Find number of times a number is followed by a larger number in a l... +0.49
change the range of axis to non continuous number in Matplotlib plo... +0.49
Remove Stop Words - Python +0.89
python inner functions treat mutable vs immutable variables differe... +0.44
Python, Change String of Words -0.27
MNIST dataset missing classes 0.00
Numpy: reshaping multiple times makes objects unequal 0.00
how to relpace a array to the diagonal of numpy array python +1.08
find position of element in matrix 0.00
Find list length of sublist that made from list and int +0.15
Create the equivalent of np.meshgrid using for loops 0.00
in python what is the / operator doing in the following code 0.00
How to return none or 0 for empty cells csv files -0.53
numpy subtract two arrays: output 0.00
How to convert numpy array with numeric and non_numeric entries to... 0.00
Dictionary comprehension creating unexpected result -1.36
Choosing N changing points in a sorted list 0.00
Issue with collatz conjecture in python, loop ends far too early -1.90