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1594.12 (2,060th)
36,690 (3,074th)
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Title Δ
Is it proper to use qualified lookup with no namespace on the left... -0.34
Reference becomes dangling in expression template 0.00
How does the nested class with override work? +1.47
error: no suitable user-defined conversion from "Data" to... 0.00
Changes to C++ explicit casts 0.00
Use concepts or SFINAE to check if class has a templated member fun... 0.00
C++ is there another way to access members first and second than us... -0.40
Prevent grandchild calling its grandparent's methods 0.00
Is any C++20 feature test for defaulted equal operator? +2.91
Function pointer definition inside a class template based on the te... 0.00
Does declaring functions in anonymous namespace with "static&q... +1.96
Template parameters of function type with auto return type argument... +0.21
Allow template parameter of function pointer type to accept functio... -1.13
Compiler variance for trailing requires-clauses on non-templated fu... 0.00
Confusing error from structured binding declaration 0.00
Compiler variance for the type of deduced (non-type) template param... 0.00
Template class with template constructor specialization for initial... -0.85
Call to a [[noreturn]] function and order of destruction +2.02
POD default initialisation if static and constructor if automatic? 0.00
When is the storage location of static variables in C++ determined? +1.63
Array-to-pointer conversion + rvalue-ref: Overload resolution diffe... 0.00
Why does defining an empty copy ctor beside a deleted default ctor... -0.88
Can alias templates have default template parameters? 0.00
Is calling a "noexcept function" through a "function... 0.00
Member definition of partially specialized classes 0.00
Accessing a static member function of a nested class template 0.00
In a template argument, what rules allow the compiler to infer the... +1.96
Compiler segfault during explicit template instantiation on clang 11 0.00
Specification rule of "definition of a static data member is i... +0.37
Is the instantiation be performed for the type that participate in... 0.00
If char *name = "Emma", why is &name not the same as... -0.22
Bit width of a class +2.08
Why do Clang and MSVC not like a member typedef declaration with a... +1.50
One can call a base class function from a derived class function wi... 0.00
Constructing (but not destucting) an object of a class with a delet... 0.00
Why does member assignment fail in initializer list but not in the... -1.50
Is a nested class name be considered as a current instantiation whe... 0.00
Using typealias in place of typedef defined in class in definition +0.38
why does nullptr not require header while nullptr_t does +2.08
Operator overloading with different object types as operands in C++ 0.00
Are specializations over a non-type template parameter with an argu... +1.82
Is an implementation required to diagnose ODR-violations of duplica... 0.00
Non-template class with a template class as a field without specify... 0.00
Waiving of access checking rules for explicit function template spe... 0.00
Checking for a default Constructor using class templates with std::... 0.00
std::exchange working differently with VC++ and gcc +1.98
Pointer to a member's member +0.40
If a function template has deduced return type, is there a way to c... 0.00
why return type deduction can not support SFINAE with std::is_invoc... 0.00
why template parameter which is explicitely given can not be "... +0.68