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Jeffrey R. Carter

1476.22 (4,381,990th)
731 (198,584th)
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Title Δ
How and why is a GNAT.Strings.String_List use clause disallowed? Ho... 0.00
Ada listing files.... what are the right compiler in GNAT to get th... 0.00
Ada: Re-exporting enum type values 0.00
Use of exceptions in Ada 0.00
Ada: Difference between interface and abstract tagged type? 0.00
Differences when using anonymous access procedures or access proced... -1.12
Ada program to detect an end of line -1.69
Ada GNATprove Command_Line.Argument precondition fail +1.01
Drawing Bowling Pins (pyramid) with Recursion in Ada -1.42
Ada: flexible Text_IO File_Type for redirecting output with SET_OUT... +4.90
-fdump-ada-spec: "FILE" not declared -3.75
Accessibility levels and local procedure variables lifetime +4.00
Equivalent to accessors in Ada +4.76
Initialize constant variable of record type with all default values -2.38
How to generate a unique id in Ada? +0.54
ADA: How to catch an exception that is raised during object instant... -3.45
Find factor of a number -3.81
Mixed entry call and accept select in Ada? -3.71
Verifying loop termination -0.50
GUI in Ada programming language -3.18
Random number generator for Ada on BBC MicroBit -1.21
Empty structs in C -2.24
Proving Floor_Log2 in Spark 0.00
Character is considered by GNAT 18.1 as a string -2.64
Constant element in Ada object? -4.35
Ada/Gnat -- Package-level dynamic generic instantiation -2.06
How to translate C record type with char arrays to to Ada record type -1.52
What is the best way for initializing a fixed-length string in Ada? -4.16
How do I write the specification for a generic instantiation? +3.02
Read input from a pipe in Ada +4.61
'Access attribute not allowed in generic body with external pac... -3.76
Hiding an operator in Ada while still using it in the package body -2.77
Extending a Variable's Lifetime -2.14
Ada `Gprbuild` Shorter File Names, Organized into Directories +3.99
Hiding certain operators in Ada -0.08
In Ada, it seems to be the general practice to declare specific sub... +0.51
Is it possible to declare Ada range with unlimited upper bound? -2.75
How To Raise Exception with Message in Ada -2.83
Ada select multiple entries -4.12
Returning a function in Ada -2.15
Why do all user-defined identifiers start with an uppercase letter? +3.80
How do you pass an array to a procedure in Ada? +3.94
Ada - Is there a way to traverse through each character of an unbou... +4.93