An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1712.91 (100th)
201,610 (230th)
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Title Δ
No suitable constructor found error occuring inside extended subcla... 0.00
Unity Property setter injection on demand 0.00
Pythonic way to compute all combinations of products -1.12
When is memory created for static methods in Java +0.70
Concat 4 integers into one integer +0.24
Map Reduce Programe gives only Mapper Output -0.77
Type of conditional expression cannot be determined because there i... +1.10
How to implement a basic pointer -2.07
Implementing Singleton Alternatively +0.65
get the last sunday and saturday's date in python +0.33
sort array of strings that contain numbers 0.00
BubbleSort -my code returns random addresses +0.37
Java 8 Lambda function that throws exception? +1.01
When does object go out of scope if no variable is assigned? +0.46
How to get the hadoop home environment variable? 0.00
Group randomly List of Lists as N subsets with K elements in each +1.14
Replace foreach with linq +1.61
Large double mathematical multiplication in C# +0.51
Regarding Inheritance C# +0.23
Getting value from anonymous type? +0.02
Using existing fields to name a new object - Java +0.82
Find the sum of all the primes below two million. Project euler, C -0.01
My code is not giving the desired output 0.00
Java, do variables associated with an object persist? BigInteger Ex... -0.24
Java 1.4.2 - Reading Files +0.22
Initialize an array with a class constructor and another array -0.20
Java Arrays.sort performance for primitive types and objects +1.45
string null checking from different style +0.40
Number of Ranges that lie completely in a particular Range +0.23
Run Smirnov test in Java +0.23
Java 1.4.2 - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Error -0.75
How to negate this regex +0.95
A lambda expression with a statement body cannot be converted to an... 0.00
Function to convert from dec to bin, consist of 3 lines (I need one... +0.08
Why can't find the value in Java class? +0.66
C# Duplicate ENUM values in array +1.11
Double Checked Locking in Singleton -0.26
How to negate a delegate? +0.29
Java.Random Wrap Around 0.00
How do we get an optional class attribute in Python? +0.23
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method Generic.List(int) to... -0.15
Will the finally block be executed? -2.41
Search string for digits in Python -1.42
adjacency-list representation of a directed graph -0.27
Calling Object implementation of hashCode 0.00
How to deal with polymorphism inside a class +0.23
Need help in writing Map/Reduce job to find average -0.27
Is an ArrayList an Array or a List? +0.21
searching a element in 2D array of m/n which is row and column +1.33
Are the two complexities O((2n + 1)!) and O(n!) equal? +0.72