An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1368.84 (4,409,277th)
3,168 (53,112th)
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Title Δ
Is there any way to repeat a row in a grid in QML? -0.32
Webscraping with rvest advice +0.09
sympy arbitrary function range -0.53
rvest trouble: POST submission -0.98
Magritttr + lapply where first argument isn't to LHS +1.92
R: Merge dataframes if multiple conditions fulfilled 0.00
Using if else on a dataframe across multiple columns +0.09
Aggregate data in one data.frame by groupings in another 0.00
Using Tidyr Extract and Regex to Clean Up a Messy Dataframe Column... 0.00
Code taking too long- How to speed up +0.18
R Writing list of lists (.txt) with spaces between them in R -0.32
how to print data to the console and read it back in? -0.32
Extracting elements from output in of mixed-effects model using nlme 0.00
API Call per Row of data frame in R +0.68
R regex expressions in tidyr and dplyr? +0.82
Rvest: Scrape multiple URLs +1.53
how to read letters as numbers in R -0.32
Count the number of times (frequency) a string occurs -0.70
R lag/lead irregular time series data -0.42
Extracting last-names from a vector of names in R -0.07
How do I update data from an incomplete lookup table? +0.18
R Programming...For Loop to write to a dataframe -0.81
lookup data in a datatable and add it to a new column -0.29
How to convert MCMC diagnostics to Latex table? +0.19
Using tidyr or similar to make a tall data set wide, while collapsi... -1.05
R: Sort a data frame based on the order of a vector? -0.29
recognizing items in values list in R in for loop 0.00
Excel or R: Merge time series with missing values -0.37
Date split in R -0.32
How to replicate rows in dataframe for every comma separated item i... 0.00
Using a lookup table in R with continous values -0.33
Normalization of data in R / family tree 0.00
Fast convert of many rows to json character -1.32
Reshaping data in R (wide -> Long) -1.24
R : tab-delimited text file arithmetic operation on each row 0.00
Conditional operations with dplyr in R -1.18
r: a case where there seems to be no alternative to a loop -0.04
How to get the nth match of the elements between two vectors in R? +1.28
R: zero padding for missing levels in group-by table -0.69
Merge data frame using non-unique probabilistic key +0.07
lapply a function with changing argument value for each element of... -0.32
Identifying rows in data.frames based on complex rules -0.09
Error while using reshape function in R +0.25
How should I approach counting wins per team over a series of match... -1.25
dplyr filter for a specific values based on column names -0.98
Fiscal-year return and standard deviation from daily returns 0.00
Filtering a list in dplyr -0.33
converting dataframe columns from matrix to vector +2.17
merging two data sets on the basis of two columns 0.00
Extracting html table with rowspan values -0.09