An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1509.67 (73,021st)
2,745 (61,521st)
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Title Δ
How to access primary constructor variable inside a function in Kot... 0.00
What's the difference between T and T? in Kotlin? 0.00
How to Get the True Count in Boolean Array in Kotlin +0.07
Using yield in nested object in Kotlin sequence 0.00
How do I create a lambda expression from a Kotlin interface? 0.00
Get last item emited by a Flow and dont receive updates +0.49
How to convert data class to map 0.00
Nullable var and smart cast +2.38
What is Gradle build system in Kotlin? 0.00
mockk verify lambda was passed in mock 0.00
Delete item from list that contains specific substring? +0.46
How to pass multiple delimiters to a substring (Kotlin/Android)? -0.32
Why does updating Gradle break log4j imports? +0.50
How do I correctly launch Kotlin coroutines to implement a Caffeine... -0.84
Java private static final field and anonymous inner classes vs. Kot... -1.06
How to Check Double value is Null or Zero in kotlin 0.00
Kotlin array of properties with custom getters -0.63
Is there a way to refactor by adding an outer method call using Int... +0.32
Java stream forEach concurrentModificationException unexpected beha... +1.48
Programming style: anonymous class for listener etc -0.02
Kotlin FlatMap && Recursion 0.00
Passing context to the execute method in command design pattern 0.00
java- how to generate a 6 digit random hexadecimal value +0.11
KotlinTest`s BehaviorSpec "No runnable methods" with Spri... -0.51
Kotlin: How to run a function with delay using extension function -0.18
Kotlin - Why is this function ineligible for tail recursion? +0.49
android Activity static starter method in Kotlin +0.49
Kotlin nested property reference 0.00
Replacing stream collect in Kotlin native solution +2.07
reverse content of an int array line by line on the console +0.56
Processing list items with fixed number of threads +0.47
SpringContext in REST service 0.00
java 8 - declare method to use in map, and pass the value to the me... -0.09
java 8 - store method in HashMap and get return value from method i... +1.30
Java Array Index Out of Bounds Exception in For-loop +1.71
Hash of byte array in Java +2.38
RNGCryptoServiceProvider in Java 0.00
How to check validity of a subdomain in java? -0.50
How to convert a java map's values? -1.29
Override one rule in maven checkstyle 0.00
Java coding, issue with rsps 0.00
Variable assignment in lambda expression +0.46
Checkystyle issue in ActionListener: Reference to instance variable... +5.21
How to populate map of string and another map in a thread safe way? -3.67
Why is it not possible to pass a <?> or a <? extends T>... +4.46
Java regex replacing all the characters except few combination of c... +0.88
Adding an object to a HashMap +0.11
java downcast results in method not applicable error 0.00
Alternative implementation of INSTANCEOF when there are 'many&#... +1.79
Is my usage of a superclass constructor call here necessary? +4.33