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1424.61 (4,190,808th)
10,097 (15,056th)
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Title Δ
How to get text position (in pixels) in TMemo? 0.00
CheckListBox item style -0.78
How display a background image and center a panel in a dll Form? 0.00
Delphi documentations makes a difference between abort and Abort -... 0.00
Jpeg to Bmp conversion takes unreasonable amount of time +0.65
TIniFile->ReadString returns null instead of "" -1.00
Building with runtime packages. Which BPLs are needed? -0.41
"Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide" error +2.28
TDirectory.GetDirectoryRoot does not handle correctly paths of Max_... 0.00
How to quickly display a large (GB) text file? -1.15
Looking up a "key" in an 8GB+ text file -0.52
Why the debugger won't take me to the line that generated an AV? -0.75
Cannot send email (via GMail) with Indy. Protocol version mismatch 0.00
How to excecute code in parallel with Indy.Post 0.00
How to save classic Delphi string to disk (and read them back)? -0.38
Grid index out of range on scrolling 0.00
Why Delphi does not output the DCU files in the correct folder? -0.35
Delphi won't parse external DTD file 0.00
How to add 'hidden' items in a TComboBox? 0.00
Google tracking code not counting +0.10
Delphi XE7 crashses at shutdown 0.00
How can i debug my DLL project with Delphi's PAServer 0.00
PAServer can't load dyld: Library 0.00
Can multiple ClientSocket Components can be placed on a Form? +1.40
How to compile a Linux program with Mingw? +0.60
Missing libraries when cross-compiling using mingw +0.67
Ideas how to write this better(Ohms Law) +0.10
How to make sure JS code is called after JQuery was fully loaded? +0.10
"Control '' has no parent window" error +0.11
How to encode strings with EncdDec library -0.98
How to draw a TBitmap32 transparently on a TBitmap? -0.40
How to convert a font(FontStyle, FontColor, FontSize) to a string 0.00
Which port is used by Delphi RemoteDebugger? -0.89
How do I prevent users from entering values that exceed TSpinEdit.M... -1.39
Delete Directory with non empty subdirectory and files 0.00
Cannot draw GIF on dynamically created TBitmap(s) -0.88
How do I respond to a resize event in my custom grid control? 0.00
Where is DUnit under Delphi XE? -1.38
A minimal Stripped Down JRE for Windows 0.00
Will a "rebuild as needed" library be recompiled if I cha... 0.00
Smooth scroll string grid 0.00
Possible obscure causes for Abstract Error in Delphi? 0.00
Delphi - identcache extension 0.00
Unique CPU ID on Windows via C++ -0.59
How to draw text with a shadow like Windows XP does on Desktop icons? 0.00
Getting output from a shell/dos app into a Delphi app 0.00
Unit GIFImg was compiled with a different version of CCR.Exif.Const... -0.96
Joining the Clipboard Chain Best practices 0.00
delphi get folder path 0.00
Why are firemonkey units added to my DPK when compiling -1.39