An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Nenad Vracar

1660.60 (411th)
79,246 (1,077th)
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Title Δ
Create array of objects using arrays of values 0.00
Logic to Transform data 0.00
Find Max Value and its index in 3 Dimensional array 0.00
Summerize Array with Arrays in Objetcs with different Labels 0.00
adding a value to a deeply nested object with arrays in it 0.00
Recursion is skipping values -0.47
How to search and filter for nested property using Lodash? +1.00
Generating multidimensional array/object from nested html list 0.00
Retrieve diagonal values from a 2d array +0.78
jQuery click link when another is clicked +0.28
Sorting dropdown menu alphabetically 0.00
How to remove a pattern of table row elements from a table? -2.02
Merge object with same key to one object and concatenate subarrays... +1.58
Create a tree from a list of strings containing paths of files - ja... +1.12
How to design non fill rounded checkbox using pure css +0.85
create an array of objects based on another array of objects progra... +0.67
JS: Call certain function before calling each of other functions in... +0.93
How to group elements of nested arrays? +1.56
JavaScript assign certain variables to a specific scope +0.27
Add rounded progress line to progress bar +0.33
Randomize the arrangement of DIVs on page load -0.72
Removing All Elements with feature X from Array, except the latest +2.04
Simple flex problem - why aren't flex items the same size, with... 0.00
I have to traverse a multilevel JSON and remove certain keys +0.28
Find the matching object structure from a complex object +1.68
CSS Conditional Statements with hover +1.24
Select a child without it's sibblings +1.01
CSS grid like fibonacci 0.00
JavaScript: from an array of objects of an array of objects, extrac... +0.42
CSS Grid: lines with labels 0.00
How to pass the nth optional argument without passing prior argumen... +0.29
How to left/right align two spans in a flexbox div 0.00
Object name from array value -1.69
JS - Merge objects when multiple keys have same value while summing... -0.29
Repeat String Infinitely - Return Count of Specific Character Withi... -1.71
How to extract paths to 'enabled' objects in nested object... -2.41
In JavaScript how do I create a list of differences of array elemen... -0.84
Ignore repeated keyboard events when holding down the keys +0.42
Object.defineproperty() set not working as expected , maximum call... +1.74
Sum of Parts of An Array - JavaScript -0.59
How to send http response from setTimeout callback - express 0.00
How do I create a Multidimensional Array which the dimension is det... -2.00
How to get a random key +0.29
Get all headers and resursively create a tree +1.47
Iterate through nested objects to form a string +1.19
How can this chaining be achieved in Javascript? +0.74
Finding the max value of an attribute in an array of objects in an... +0.83
after drag and drop how do I save the new order in an array by usin... 0.00
How to reconstruct Json 0.00
Close accordion if clicked on the same +1.45