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Josh Gust

1482.89 (4,483,933rd)
849 (177,386th)
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Title Δ
How can I capture the HttpContext.Response.Headers for all web api... +0.41
When to use Named HttpClient and Basic HttpClient in An IHttpClient... 0.00
What is the proper name for embedding powershell in text files with... 0.00
WebAPI deserialization of a protected property is null +0.29
Autofixture create object with static Lazy instanciation 0.00
Azure DevOps YAML Pipeline Parameters Not Working from REST API Tri... -1.13
How to use yaml template parameters in Azure DevOps Server 2019 on-... -3.52
Set default Repository for git on devOps after fork 0.00
.net core 3.1 pack dll with Azure Devops +0.08
Azure devops, how to deny access to all but one repo to a new team 0.00
Azure multistage pipelines: conditionally skip one stage but not th... -3.78
Is there a way to parametrize/dynamically set variable group names... +0.11
Azure pipeline run build on Pull Request branch 0.00
How can i trigger by branch AND tag in azure pipeline? +4.16
Execute a stage in DevOps Release pipeline every night on scheduler +4.02
How to audit azure DevOps services and monitor releases? 0.00
Merge my required files from DEV branch to QA in Azure VSTS 0.00
"Using" an out parameter -3.21
Whether editing the Release definition or Build definition to pass... 0.00
Multiple primary artifacts to trigger Azure DevOps release definition +0.67
how can I use IF ELSE in variables of azure DevOps yaml pipeline wi... +3.89
Why is this Azure DevOps pipeline release failing? -2.48
User Stories in Microsoft DevOps 0.00
Azure Dev-ops Pipeline - Conditional execution of task +0.10
How to deploy to multiple hosts with azure devops pipelines 0.00
Core ASP.NET Project Azure Build Pipeline 0.00
How to obtain descriptor identifier for a AD Group using Azure Devo... 0.00
How to pass / store secrets in Azure DevOps Services that can be ac... +4.24
Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.WebApi Get Build Status Launched by... 0.00
Azure DevOps: Wiki page with WikiHttpClient not found 0.00
App.Exe Config Transform with Azure Devops and Release Variables 0.00
Azure DevOps: Getting variable value by concatenating other variabl... +0.66
Azure Devops Releases Agent job's Agent configuration show '... 0.00
Missing DLL files in \bin folder after downloading fully-working so... -3.41
Is there a build variable for workspace mapping -3.70
Reporting with Azure DevOps 0.00
Cannot trigger build via push to another repository in a YML Pipeline 0.00
Azure WebApp Deployment task not recognizing variable 0.00
Azure DevOps - compare master branch to master branch in the past 0.00
How to fetch info from TFS REST API using Python? 0.00
Can't resolve git conflicts due to policy using Azure DevOps -1.12
Is it possible to set a minimum number of builds to retain in Azure... 0.00
Access "Difference in work items" in release stage 0.00
Azure DevOps Agent Pool Security -3.88
Field level permission in Azure DevOps for particular users 0.00
Remove and reconnect to TFS project in Visual Studio -0.10
Guidelines on backlog prioritization 0.00
AzureDevOps Release pipeline with multiple artifacts 0.00
Exclude file types in CI triggers on Azure Devops Pipelines Builds 0.00
Linking to a line of code in a particular version of a file in Azur... 0.00