An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Kevin Andrid

1536.50 (13,363rd)
1,413 (114,161st)
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Title Δ
Format Words in Left and Right Align Individually 0.00
What is key code of dot? -4.34
Adjust datalabel to specific position (HIGHCHARTS) 0.00
Why is my selector not working in CSS or why I can not change the f... +3.57
Align 2 different elements vertically +3.53
First Few Lines of CSS Not Working? -2.35
ASP Validation Group Not Working 0.00
Difference between server JRE and client JRE +4.49
Ubuntu: command line app to convert office documents to PDF +3.63
How to add an attribute to an existing node using Xquery +3.98
Get links in div on separate lines -0.27
Change order of text and image on small screens +3.86
Saving an XML file using AS3 +3.74
Where to place commas -2.82
Default location change for npm bin 0.00
How to eliminate duplicates rows in MySQL? +1.01
Connection string without error page? +3.99
Why am I unable to place one div below the other div? -2.88
How to make div's height equal to the width +4.34
where can i find a link to download Java Card Development Kit v2.2.2? 0.00
How do i add a custom CSS stylesheet in Magento? -0.17
set admin/user permission to see any web page +3.87
bootstrap navbar centering not working 0.00
What are the difference between Java 1.4 Strings And Java 1.5 Strin... 0.00
Declaring SqlConnection throughout one form +1.68
SQL - Update a table with Join +3.78
Inserting data into local database using parameters -0.17
Uninstall mongoDB from ubuntu +4.00