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Andrey Semashev

1549.61 (7,809th)
3,800 (44,008th)
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Title Δ
Using mem_fn instead of mem_fun 0.00
Merge queue of std::maps into one std::map in parallel 0.00
C++ boost log formater 0.00
Boost.Log change filter per channel with unknown channel names 0.00
Is it safe to add or remove log sinks while still logging from othe... 0.00
Boost::UUID setting specific value 0.00
Boost.Log asynchronous logging invoke flush() periodically 0.00
boost log :using formatting_ostream to store log 0.00
Boost.Log asynchronous logging with syslog backend 0.00
Emulating GCC's __builtin_unreachable in Visual Studio? +3.11
In c++, can we guarantee a happen-before between two threads by vol... +0.15
Is std::chrono::years storage really at least 17 bit? +2.73
Issue regarding strrev() function in C++ language -0.05
Making a variadic templete from another variadic template +2.26
Boost.Log -managing repeated consecutive log messages and prevent p... 0.00
Why is function with useless isolated `static` considered impure? +0.47
C++ - How to take a large array as input for a function 0.00
How to transform template to template pre C++11 -0.29
Memory allocation for objects in arrays 0.00
Check if double are given with a specific accuracy +0.75
Capture std::array in lambda -1.46
weak_ptr, shared_ptr in lambda capture list and std::queue<T,Con... +1.91
Passing variable from type std::function fails although the caller... -1.44
Is it worth making my code less readable for providing exception sa... 0.00
Why does the 'const' qualifier on return type have no effec... +0.39
c++ std::weak_ptr to stack object 0.00
What shall I do if I want use new feature without update compiler? +2.16
initializing static values in C++ classes equal to each-other +0.43
What does "result.second == false" mean in this code? -0.57
How to append raw bytes to std::vector? +2.71
Allocating memory aligned buffers for SIMD; how does |16 give an od... +2.21
Class hierarchy in templated types in C++ 0.00
returning std::shared_ptr<Derived> from vector of std::shared... 0.00
How to stop epoll_wait? 0.00
Does a spurious wake up unblock all waiting threads, even the unrel... +1.81
Why is notify required inside a critical section? -1.56
Instantiation of function templates 0.00
Unreached cases affect switch-case performance -1.73
why we are again creating struct variable from struct object? +1.22
Given a type, how to derive a generic wider type (e.g. for overflow... -1.88
How to check if a variable is a map in C++? 0.00
Copying structs with uninitialized members -0.02
Missed timestamp in Boost.Log 0.00
Resolving template member function overload 0.00
Continuous enum C++11 +1.19
Explicit std::exception_ptr conversion to bool does not exist... VS... 0.00
How to call a non-static method through namespace 0.00
How to cast __m128i to __m256i while setting upper bits to zero? 0.00
C preprocessor - Prepending path for existing define +1.97
Where to declare a struct operator overloading -1.40