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Rating Stats for

Andrey Semashev

1550.66 (7,738th)
3,800 (44,182nd)
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Title Δ
Boost::Log Symbol not found for architecture on macOS 0.00
Is there a way to dynamically change an object to another type? -1.21
left rotation operation in c++ 0.00
Effect of endianness on network byte order when doing reinterpret_c... 0.00
Improving performance of floating-point dot-product of an array wit... +1.68
Why is extern required for const int but not for const char* 0.00
Custom allocator with preallocated memory for STL containers 0.00
overloaded assigment operator not called -2.48
Compiler error on templated ctor (is this a compiler bug?) 0.00
Deduce template arguments from std::function parameter types -0.97
Failing to compile explicitly specialized template struct on g++/cl... 0.00
Can't get rid of volatile from template type argument 0.00
how to ensure proper indentation in datas ifstreamed from a file. L... 0.00
Templated member variables in C++ -1.37
How to refer to a nested type of a templated base class 0.00
How to pass boost::log::expressions::smessage to nlohmann::json con... -0.89
Inconsistent behavior in static_casting between CUDA and C++ 0.00
Extract full extension of file path -0.74
How can I assign stack values to string in C++ without reversing th... -0.03
C++: How to read multiple lines from file until a certain character... 0.00
Function does not return a value, while using a vector in c++ +0.42
C++ derived class unable to access protected members, unless defaul... 0.00
Is there a way to make sure inherited member is not accessible in d... +2.13
How to improve dereferencing of smart pointer that is a member vari... -1.97
Thread safety of std::shared_ptr<std::mutex> 0.00
Why crash inside boost log when program terminate 0.00
Boost Log File Rotation not working as expected +0.41
Extending lifetime of Boost log core 0.00
Using boost::filesystem, how can I prevent overwriting of previous... 0.00
Boost log and dynamically loaded libraries -0.08
can we verify that boostlog core did remove sink? 0.00
Why number is getting out of long long range in C++? +0.41
When and how should I perform floating point conversion in my simd... +0.99
Logging Error to rsyslog database gives incorrect priority enum 0.00
How to copy X bytes or bits from an __m128i into standard memory 0.00
optimising column-wise maximum with SIMD 0.00
Function pointers comparison 0.00
How to get bits of specific xmm registers? +2.21
Deinterleve vector of nibbles using SIMD 0.00
Test if any byte in an xmm register is 0 0.00
How alpha blending works with a transparent background in photoshop 0.00
Why does gcc -O3 handle avx256 compare intrinsic differently than g... 0.00
Compile-time AVX detection when using multi-versioning 0.00
How do you read from a ifstream asynchronously in C++? 0.00
Subarrays in inline-assembly. C++ 0.00
Using mem_fn instead of mem_fun +2.56
Merge queue of std::maps into one std::map in parallel 0.00
C++ boost log formater 0.00
Boost.Log change filter per channel with unknown channel names 0.00
Is it safe to add or remove log sinks while still logging from othe... 0.00