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Jonathan Dursi

1626.65 (950th)
43,366 (2,480th)
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Title Δ
OIDC to SAML options? -0.86
How do I get meaningful results from gprof on an MPI code? 0.00
What are the differences between the MPI_* functions and PMPI_* fun... -0.51
How can i create a structure in MPI, that contains self referential... -2.54
Very slow mutex in LLVM/OpenMP 0.00
What is the displs argument in MPI_Scatterv? +1.45
Can you specify which buffer to send to in MPI? 0.00
How to send the data in an Eigen::MatrixXd with MPI 0.00
Cannot compile function that returns object of type MPI::Comm 0.00
How to create struct for passing between nodes using mpi4py +0.33
Parallel Computing - Shuffle 0.00
MPI Broadcast variable of auto type +0.63
Using valgrind to spot error in mpi code +1.48
How to mix serial and parallel code using MPI 0.00
OpenMP 4.0 - GCC 5.2.0 - Overlap device and host task execution 0.00
Trouble receiving a subset of an array using MPI Datatypes +0.28
Do i need disable OpenMP on 1 core machine explicitely? +0.32
How to use MPI_Gatherv for collecting strings of diiferent length f... 0.00
Call a program from Python that writes to a file - Can I avoid the... 0.00
Summing Python Objects with MPI's Allreduce 0.00
Understanding Block and Block-Cyclic Matrix Distributions 0.00
How to send a set object in MPI_Send 0.00
Python's multiprocessing: speed up a for-loop for several sets... 0.00
OpenMP Dot Product and Pointers 0.00
When would you use different counts or types for sending and receiv... +0.98
How can I access the last message which is sent to a processor in M... 0.00
User Defined Reduction on vector of varying size 0.00
Knowing what SIMD instructions OpenMP 4.0 will produce? 0.00
Scatter Matrix Blocks of Different Sizes using MPI +0.31
mpi_allreduce sum over a derived datatype vector +0.32
c openmp - parallelization of a while loop +0.32
Interleaving binary data from different processors on MPI-IO 0.00
Number of subarray data types for exchanging 2D halos in 3D process... 0.00
How to write multicore sorting using GNU Parallel 0.00
Using MPI-IO to write Fortran-formatted files 0.00
Fortran array assignment when the subscripts are not in the same or... -1.18
OPENMP Speedup in Fortran 0.00
MPI, SUBARRAY types 0.00
How to know the receiver and the sender of an MPI request 0.00
in MPI in c how to create a struct of structs and send it to multip... 0.00
Difference between omp for and omp parallel 0.00
Parsing large file with MPI in C++ -1.57
MPI collective output 5 noncontiguous 3D arrays in special form -0.68
Parallel for inside a while using OpenMP on C 0.00
How to synchronize the value of a variable among all threads? +1.29
Asynchronous Finite Difference Scheme using MPI_Put 0.00
Different number of processors end up with different results? 0.00
Maximum single-sell profit - Parallelized version +1.87
Algorithmic help in Python, find pair (x,y) where y/x > const +0.91
How to print array size (bound) with gdb for Fortran program 0.00