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James Alday

1496.08 (4,106,777th)
693 (209,470th)
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Title Δ
Cakephp - Model Transactions for insert / update / delete 0.00
Get HTML Source Code Despite Of Forwarding -0.47
javascript to change font colour based on whether the image is more... -1.56
nesting 'switch' cases in javascript: any speed advantage? -1.37
AJAX Built and Deployment Environment especially javascript and css... +0.01
Creating a database-generated menu on every page in CodeIgniter? -1.22
Google Maps - Places library - Search for custom placed markers in... 0.00
Using google places api with jQuery autocomplete 0.00
limiting google maps autocomplete to UK address only +4.04
excel-reader utf problem 0.00
Data in on one side, API to expose data on other side -> 2 diffe... 0.00
Symfony 1 - set JSON content type automatically for every AJAX requ... -3.99
Zend Studio: How to copy files to local server automatically when t... 0.00
Replace Entire Content of Iframe +4.04
add html tags to a variable string -1.19
Get full URL in PHP to redirect to SSL -2.02
PHP form into mySql db. Array formatting question -0.18
Move Value in PHP Array to the Beginning of the Array 0.00
Are PHP short tags acceptable to use? 0.00