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1500.93 (389,957th)
1,449 (111,597th)
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Title Δ
lcov and gcovr -r commands are generating the cpp file code coverag... 0.00
How to solve ambiguous declarations elegantly in C++11? +1.86
Find words that are unique for 1 set out of 3 C++ -4.03
std::optional & compilers - shouldn't this crash? -2.87
Movable but non-copyable objects: passing by value vs by reference? -1.81
How can i accept input as an double and perform IF ELSE statement 0.00
Segmentation fault while trying to arrange words alphabetically in... -4.66
Is there any way to print pyramid star pattern with single line of... +3.99
Accessing Private non-static class variable from Static member func... -3.61
How to check if object behind pointer is valid or was deleted? +0.36
Is it possible add member function to data type in C++? -2.92
Can I encourage g++ to inline a switch returning a sign? -0.54
strlen show wrong the number of array's elements -0.22
Why not exist syntax which execute some operation multiple times wi... +0.13
Member variable alias in class template specialization +3.89
Accessing variables from one class to another in C++ +3.98
How to increase and decrease a series of number in loop +4.00
Comparison of double, long double, float and float128? 0.00
Why does this dynamic_cast from Objective-C++ succeed in debug but... 0.00
Dynamic casting a ** array in c++ -4.06
How to insert pairs into a map based on user input and then find th... 0.00
which cast should be used with a template class parameter, dynamic_... 0.00
Cout the getline command for txt file -4.22
Why return a const reference to small class members? +4.75
C++ determinable array input in one line -2.58
c++ Segmentation fault when trying to reverse print an array -0.65
Lambda referencing itself -4.54
Why doesn't weak_ptr have a comparison operator==? 0.00
C++ operator overloading adding 3 vectors together +4.05
C++ string forward declaration is ambigious 0.00
c++ understanding the third argument of `remove_if()` +4.48
get string after getline() -1.83
How many ways to instantiate objects in c++?What‘s the difference b... -4.20
In C++ what does this construction mean "InterceptionKeyStroke... +4.20
How Print string With int in c++ +3.95
how to compare copyright and trademark symbol in c++ using string c... 0.00
C++ - Deal with implicit/explicit casts while keeping flexible code -0.17
String class istream issues +1.04
Split a struct into a tuple -0.58
How object of smart pointer object accessing member funtion of othe... +0.43
shared_ptr cast with multiple inheritance +0.44
Can I implement an override of a virtual function which gets as par... -0.66
Why didn't work C++ code(strncpy_s)? -3.55
How do I find unsigned BB[] such that (char *) (BB + 1) = "Red... -2.77
What's the difference between foo++ and bar = foo++; +3.87
Override compiler macro in base class +4.00
How to efficiently move underlying data from std::string to a varia... +2.19
How to handle a null/empty string input in C++? +5.06
Why does changing the linking order fix some linking errors on one... +1.16
How to use a method of a class from a pointer on an instance of thi... 0.00