An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1477.09 (4,379,813th)
930 (162,845th)
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Title Δ
Can someone annotate this machine code? 0.00
foreach to build an HTML table from data in an array -2.23
Accessing all values returned by multimap::equal_range from a neste... 0.00
How can I do calculations in base 12 in PHP 0.00
Strange REST API response with PHP 0.00
PHP arrays of objects with mySQL -2.78
PHP Copy all files from Amazon S3 to Local Server 0.00
PHP Storing object reference in an array 0.00
Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object 0.00
MySQL data not inserting into database +0.12
Why does my simple mail php form take a long time to load? 0.00
unique string from array of strings 0.00
Readers Writer lock 0.00
How to get access to class field which is variable 0.00
Returning multiple arrays with fetchAll in PHP +0.26
Printing to a file while conducting n simulations for a program (in... 0.00
What does this error mean for me? 0.00
Formatting numbers in a td 0.00
How can I display a big double normally instead of scientifically n... -2.33
What is a good, CRUD-sympathetic algorithm for ordering list items? -2.18
working with nodes in a webshop? 0.00
Css : overflow and width of div -1.90
Why does gtk+ say "invalid utf-8" when debugging on eclip... -3.80
How to rotate image using GTK+ / Cairo +3.93
Should you backup registers before calling a C Standrd Library func... +4.01
Gtkmm: Adding Window at later time 0.00
Access denied on CreateFileMapping when run under different user ac... 0.00
The program stops and don't excute the Threads Why? 0.00
trying to make simple WakeOnLan script with PHP 0.00
Divisible Pairs in a range -4.25
How to change variables in a running program? -3.91
WHERE clause is returning result without taking subquery in account +0.08
Winsock recv hooking with Detours -1.81
combine text in sql i think? -1.93
Mysql Query Help -4.19
GTK on Windows Engines & Theme help 0.00
Gtkmm+Pango::layout 0.00