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Frédéric Hamidi

1712.28 (97th)
216,919 (200th)
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Title Δ
Why a filename is given closefd parameter of open() Function must b... 0.00
How to remove elements from a selector +0.76
Is there a way to set an element's onload via CSS? +0.23
Detect a hyper link by jquery 0.00
select all but a div with its children with .on() +1.12
Why does using parseInt on Error return 14? 0.00
access fixed elem when using $(fixedElem).on(event, dynamicElem, fu... 0.00
Query selection method -.ready() Vs Utility method - $.ready() 0.00
Optimizing jQuery selector / addBack() when dealing with a large co... +0.23
Setting selection by text in CComboBox (MFC) -3.22
Why is 'false' truthy in javascript? +0.46
obtaining the smallest item in a list using ramda 0.00
[].concat(["x","y"],"z") -> How to... 0.00
Why does TypeScript wrap class in anonymous function? 0.00
Why is /optimize in a C# project generating more Code Analysis warn... +1.62
Jquery - Passing to .on() and .bind() 0.00
Is it possible to override defined options of the jQuery-ui sortabl... 0.00
Why does this lambda require *arg, what difference does it make? +1.09
fdopen: Invalid arguement 0.00
Checking if the current iterating element is the last one? +0.24
fabric.js - Circle don't work if properties defined outside of... 0.00
Javascript: is it safe to "throw undefined"? +0.82
Why GET_X_LPARAM does return an absolute position on mouse wheel? 0.00
.splice( $.inArray()) should only remove matching item 0.00
c.curCSS is not a function bug from jQuery 0.00
Implicitly global "item" variable - difference between In... +0.85
Usage of InternetGetConnectedStateEx 0.00
What HTTP error code should I use when trying to insert an already... 0.00
Common Lisp: How to quote parenthese in SBCL +0.89
IronPython set property value on creating instance (Like c#) 0.00
LINQ's Func<bool> is only called once? +0.64
Why does the below code run without an error when both overlapping... +0.22
JavaScript insists that 0 is NaN 0.00
is there $(document).find('selector') and $('selector&#... +0.40
Implementing a Skip List, syntax error : missing ')' before... +2.04
Best way to catch signal in its handler 0.00
How I can find elements between two elements in jquery? 0.00
From win32 color Code to set Element BackColor in Jquery -0.27
Spinner not working -0.27
JQuery Mobile vclick event only fires once 0.00
javascript document onmousedown cancels element onclick 0.00
javascript: jQuery replaceWith() not respecting delay() +1.14
Extend all prototypes 0.00
JQM: taphold event does not prevent click event 0.00
Python: How to escape 'lambda' -0.39
jquery selector after only '.class:first' and before only &... 0.00
Use of colon operator ':' in javascript +0.24
How to select last grand child? +1.04
.off(), .undelegate(), .unbind() event only from copied element +0.87
Why does this WCF Proxy code work? -1.98