An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.44 (39,195th)
160 (519,799th)
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Title Δ
How to pass array of char arrays to function by reference? 0.00
How to extract text from doc file? 0.00
Counting the amount of digits in a while loop does not work +1.82
how to read input until empty line in C 0.00
Pattern "allocate memory or use existing data" +3.83
Switch statement with two arguments 0.00
Is symbol ’ special one for boost regexp? 0.00
How do I train gpt 2 from scratch? 0.00
How to search for a particular word in only .csv files using Linux... +1.89
Why is using all numbers to test for a prime number faster than usi... +3.59
Vector of class object with a pointer data member 0.00
(Only C) conversion special characters from string char to Hex. Uni... 0.00
Pointer in struct is placed on two struct members 0.00
How to check if all characters in a file is present in a specific e... 0.00
Initialize c++14 unordered_map with k buckets with key-value pair o... -3.17
Print whole address block of some variable +4.07
Why this counting sort return input instead of sorted table? -3.63
How to "clear" an array in c to make room for a smaller a... +3.91
C - warning function returns address of local variable -wreturn-loc... 0.00
Add char to a String and delete the char array -0.31
Copy data from file X to file Y program in C +0.86
How to compare two characters without case sensitivity in C? +3.94
How to connect to server from different a ip address? 0.00
c - Function to free an array of strings 0.00
Accessing allocated memory without a segmentation fault -4.04
C++ std::bad alloc error in initialising class objects -3.47
Converting Upper Case to Lower Case using pointers in C +4.84
How to fix Perl Business::Hours Bad order 2 critical error? 0.00
Huge initializer_list compilation segmentation fault +4.02
mysql_ping causes SIGSEGV 0.00
Is there anyway to compile and debug remote c++programs locally? -0.08
Perl Hash/Array Implementation for Hadoop +0.39
How to check a column contain non numeric values -3.45
Using pointers to copy values and divide number. +1.45
boost mpi MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE 0.00
boost::mpi and boost::serialization errors 0.00
boost::mpi blocking IO not interrupted by linux signals 0.00