An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1496.10 (4,100,835th)
631 (226,516th)
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Title Δ
Login with array? -3.42
I want to fix the marker in the center of the map ios 0.00
Add subject on email by share UIActivityViewController in swift 0.00
Completion handler is not called -4.08
Nil while unwrapping an Optional IBOutlet value -2.17
How do you add an outline to text programmatically? -0.03
how to see the class name containing the actual code -0.14
why is my string being read this way? +3.97
My Java methods are not running correctly and causing my program to... -1.46
Java String/Char charAt() Comparison -1.78
java.awt.Color getRed() returns "cannot find symbol" +0.05
Having trouble printing (java) +0.14
Convert binary to decimal using arrays in java 0.00
Unable to get the reason for compiler errors on increment operators... 0.00
Is it good practice to have try and catch block inside constructor... +3.98
Why can't I use a variable to extract a specific value from an... -1.67
How to import class in package to another package? +4.01
if-else or early return +5.31
How to output to a file when conditions are correct with mouseclick... 0.00
while until condition doesn´t work 0.00
Python: Program Keeps Repeating Itself 0.00
Meaning of the following C declarations -2.80
How to run functions in random order? -3.10
Trying to use seed value in generating random chars to test program... 0.00
Matrix reading from file Dijkstra's Algorithm 0.00
Value of type 'String' has no member indices -2.12
Printing A class with 3D Array field +0.31
Subviews not hiding/showing during transtion +3.64
Why int a = 5 - '0'; is possible in java? -3.12
How to parse text from html file -2.07
Detect where characters are in multiple lists +2.64
How to view the content of .RSA file 0.00