An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1752.46 (38th)
35,577 (3,227th)
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Title Δ
Conditional Perl Shebang? -3.31
Can't locate object method via package, even though I'm not... -2.69
compare within the file and then between the files +4.02
Can't download file using user-agent 0.00
Linux Perl: How to simply arrange content of an array +0.07
global level exception handling in perl -2.49
Illegal division by zero when running perl script -3.83
perl: deep merge with per-element arrays merge +4.23
Read optional command-line arguments in Perl -2.80
Assign all capturing groups of one regex to a hash 0.00
Global matching regex hanging 0.00
Read in a template file, populate using user input and and generate... -1.92
Read in a template file, populate using user input and and generate... +4.08
Transform table in R or perl -0.53
Perl - Print first letter of column +4.63
Send data from web server to perl socket listener 0.00
unable to capture stderr while performing openssh to a variable- perl 0.00
How to Create Multiple Stacks? +4.08
Is there any way to fetch web pages in pure perl? -2.93
Add to integer within string? -1.26
pscp a file to a remote server suddenly stopped working 0.00
how can I make perl wait until a command finishes before moving on... -3.81
Perl - Print header in all files with specific extension -2.61
Benchmarking in BaseX: how to set up -3.51
Creating multidimensional array while reading a file - Perl -3.31
Pattern search and next line copy -1.44
How to find how many same words in array and not to repeat them in... -4.40
Recursive grep in perl +3.16
Use of chomp in this Perl script +3.89
How to do conditional ("if exist" logic) search & rep... -3.04
Grep with regular expression returns everything -2.99
How can i blacklist words in a regular expression? -4.45
Retrieve string between two string delimiters using regex in perl +2.27
Have Carp report correct caller from sub helper +4.19
How do you Organize / Read a large amount of data? -1.57
Perl script - Confusing error -4.00
how to print statement with join function in between? +4.31
Perl: custom sort order? -4.05
"Could not open" Error Reading a CSV file in Perl 0.00
WWW::Mechanize::Firefox Timeout 0.00