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Thomas Barnekow

1497.56 (3,946,668th)
1 (4,304,413th)
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Title Δ
How to communicate with gRPC server hosted on Google Compute Engine... 0.00
Best format for wpf text file 0.00
What happens in long running async method before delay? -2.00
Weird scoping issue with method parameters and "using" st... +4.21
C# Conditionally assign variable value type -2.04
Running Tasks from List +1.03
Does anyone have experience building a Console App (C#) using the p... 0.00
How to renumber pages in a WordProcessingDocument? 0.00
replace image in header, OpenXML 0.00
Method that takes a list as input parameter where each item is a di... 0.00
How to delete a TableRow in WordProcessingML using OOXML? 0.00
Why does IIS Express consider this URL has a double escape sequence? 0.00
OpenXML SDK - Break external links in Excel 0.00
Created Excel file using OpenXML needs repair when opened in Excel 0.00
How to handle smartTag nodes using OpenXML 0.00
Replace text in docx file with content of another docx file 0.00
To get Result from Task.Run without await +3.07
StringBuilder.Remove() Function works unexpectedly -3.42
How to find page line position of last paragraph in openXml?( How m... 0.00
Underline doesn't display in Ooxml 0.00
Error using OpenXML to read a .docx file from a memorystream to a W... 0.00
Accept Insertion and reject deletion openxml 0.00
Programmatically add repeating section item to a word document usin... 0.00
Adding HTML to Word using OpenXML but unable to style the content (... +0.04
Empty rows are getting skipped while getting data from Excel to Dat... 0.00
Time Complexity when if-else (if with a loop and else without a loo... 0.00
c# return value if match otherwise continue +4.33
C#:docx generated from html by open xml power tools throw pre relea... 0.00
Sequence contains no Elements at System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[Tsou... 0.00
How to put RTF/HTML into Excel cell using OpenXML in C# 0.00
Can't return word document, generated in memory stream, for dow... 0.00
List<SdtBlock> use to print Table on content control 0.00
How to build a dynamic command object? -3.85
Styles Format Openxml 0.00
How can I make my bullets larger in Open XML? 0.00
How to get coordinates of Run or other WordProcessing element via O... +4.84
Word found unreadable content error when opening file 0.00
Get List of possible elements expected on a node 0.00
trying to download the word document using open xml from dot net co... -4.03
Create a table with the data read from XML file into word document... +4.05
Adding Runs to Paragraphs 0.00
Populate .docx second table using OpenXml SDK WordprocessingDocument +0.19
How to open docx file in ASP.NET MVC project using openxml for over... 0.00
Invalid OpenXml after converting from XElement 0.00
Protocols.SoapException : File Cannot be found and I put the path 0.00
Does the w:style with the w:type="table" and w:default=&q... 0.00
get image from table cell in docx in openxml c# 0.00
Open XML - find and replace multiple placeholders in document templ... 0.00
VSTO OpenXml C# - Edit PowerPoint on Runtime 0.00
How to add multilevel list in word document using openxml sdk and c#? 0.00