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R. Martinho Fernandes

1732.63 (64th)
167,786 (309th)
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Title Δ
Is there any environment where "int" would cause struct p... +0.81
could I potentially dodge segmentation faults by adding ram? +1.03
How to print the Indian Rupee Symbol in java +0.21
Convert Hangul Jamo to Hangul Syllables in JavaScript -0.62
Can I have a generic type bound that requires that type to be a tra... +1.23
Benchmarking (execution time of a for loop): shouldn't we have... +1.04
Optimization barrier for microbenchmarks in MSVC: tell the optimize... -0.77
Getting the correct Collator setting in ICU 0.00
How to walk along UTF-16 codepoints? 0.00
Unicode safe find using boost and standard C++ 0.00
Use string litterals in a "char type" templated class +0.01
How to pass a variable size array of pointers as an argument to a f... +0.91
Test for filtering illegal characters from a string 0.00
namedtuple and unicode string -0.80
Compilation failure when using a base class reference as a predicate 0.00
RegEx for current year and anything between the current year plus 10 +0.56
Is there a way to take a series of zeros as an int input? +0.21
Gitlab 7.5.3 not syncing SSH authorized_keys 0.00
Is a lookup in a hash table O(1)? +0.68
What is this functionality of C++ called? +1.03
Are variables real things? +1.19
Does rule of three/five apply to inheritance and virtual destructors? -0.13
Can I just store the result of mmap in an integer? -2.88
What happens when you move to not an rvalue reference? -0.72
Does the result of bitwise operations depend on endianess in Java?... +1.66
Why is it legal to initialize an object with brace init even though... +0.30
Is C++14 adding new keywords to C++? -0.65
Why can't I declare a pure virtual function with `= delete;`? +0.80
Difference between std::string and std::u16string (or u32string) -1.49
C++11 chrono create time_point from number 0.00
Is there a cast (or standard function) with the opposite effect to... +1.31
No clang warning or error, if C++11 lambda returns wrong type +1.27
Is it possible to use std::chrono::duration with Rep type as double... 0.00
How to obtain the types in a C++11 parameter pack? 0.00
What more does using constexpr gives instead of just static const v... -0.59
Member function reference qualified return type 0.00
performance of system clock in c and c++11 -0.52
How to do something like "is_atomically_assignable"? 0.00
Why compiler fails to understand the value of if branch at compile... +1.07
c++ string assigned to const char* causes address out of bounds at... 0.00
Does type order in std::tuple arguments have any effects? +1.10
What special purpose does unique_lock have over using a mutex? +1.11
A kosher way to read binary file in c++ 0.00
How can I get VS debugger to cough up the derived class goods? 0.00
Dereferencing a null pointer +1.04
Is constexpr a "hint" (like inline) or "a binding re... +0.46
SFINAE in VS2013 +0.23
c++11 std::move thread function 0.00
What to use to store Unicode (UTF-16) strings? (C++11) 0.00
Can the main function be a template? (safe command line argument pa... -0.06