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Mike B

1593.46 (2,101st)
26,692 (4,766th)
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Title Δ
How to count and sum rows form a table grouping by a column? 0.00
Redirect user once all prepared statements in a foreach loop are su... +0.12
PHP cli script does not output anything -0.14
How can I use file_get_contents without losing echo values? 0.00
MySQL/PHP - text formating +0.03
PhpStorm to support registry pattern -2.29
error 500 in combination with PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare Get... +0.92
session_destroy() does not destroy $_SESSION datas? -0.40
testing PHP_SAPI!='cli' code with phpunit 0.00
How do I render an array of form elements in Zend Framework 1.12? 0.00
code to find new year for a given criteria +0.09
How to check if the file obtained from a call to facebook's api is... -0.13
securing outward-facing website db configs +1.37
Best way to seperate two strings from a variable +0.36
i have a php variable that i have to display the length of as a 3 d... -0.08
Is there a way to use a forum's user management for rest of site? 0.00
How to redirect different users based on roles to different pages u... +0.34
PHP unlink doesn't work +0.37
Cakephp - Print (physical) data from Database -0.46
What is the right way to document usage of models? 0.00
Sanitizing text input before submitting to MySQL database -0.44
which is the correct PHPdoc for methods of objects which are proper... 0.00
headmeta in zend..? 0.00
'Zend_Exception' -> 'Registry is already initialized' 0.00
Echoing back to text box - receiving unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHIT... +0.45
"Mail delivery deferred" in php registration form on succ... 0.00
Limiting file listing by filename length in PHP +1.49
Syntax Error Debug - Unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING 0.00
HOW TO FIX: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR... -2.36
Value of string with space +0.37
Connecting to FTP via ftp:// with a username containing an @ 0.00
Weird sprintf behavior in PHP +1.47
How to use Xdebug to profile a single php file? +1.59
Getting Phrases from DB or cache it 0.00
Checking current time in php has passed SQL time +1.14
Does PHP OOP have an equivalent to main() in Java? -2.57
Unidentified Variable using array_combine with extract using $_SESS... -0.12
Using get_file_contents() to make an array +1.55
in netbeans and php, how can i find out all the files/areas of a pr... -2.50
var_dump outputting empty string - php +0.20
PHP include files - opening and closing brackets/braces { } for if... -0.98
Exporting CSV printing HTML -0.64
Mysql query to show results from between two columns +0.36
PHP - Is there a NOT-complicated way to determine the position of a... -0.62
add alt to imagecopy 0.00
Execute php script even if user leaves page +0.37
How does set locale php work? and how can it work with php date? -0.64
Add an associative array to an array - How to? +1.37
Suppress PHP Errors' HTML tags when running from CLI 0.00
root path for php files in Linux apache -0.81