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Nicholas Carey

1443.26 (4,534,057th)
50,526 (1,975th)
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Title Δ
I need to multiply and sum one list, the output should be like this +0.08
How does ASCII 0x00A0 becomes 0x00E1 0.00
Prolog take a part of a list -0.24
Javascript - Enumerating key, value pairs in object and converting... -1.04
Batch Script that gives unique time stamp to rename bulk files 0.00
Javascript regex to remove hex bytes? 0.00
DCG capable of reading a propositional logic expression 0.00
Get array of latest minor versions from array 0.00
How to include a conditional OR statement in the SQL WHERE clause +0.55
Pack two numbers into one Int32 -0.42
C# Formatting integers +0.55
Why does "npm install" prefix my packages with "node... +2.40
Reduce array of objects in es6 - using unique set of params +0.40
line seperate algorithm from 30 characters to 40 characters 0.00
MVC API sending data in the body -0.64
C# split string on a separator then remove an element and then join... -0.14
Keep track of changes made for the purpose of debugging in C#/Visua... -1.85
How do I redirect a user after login with fetch() -0.33
Check if list is Flattened or not in Prolog -1.86
Lists of list exercsie in Prolog +0.14
Prolog, produce lists with m first members reversed 0.00
Checks if argv ends with a .js -0.93
Sort predicate in Prolog -0.76
How to rewrite into json file nodejs? +0.06
Joi validation schema 0.00
Are time zone designators- "T" and "Z" case sen... 0.00
Insert element after every element in list in Prolog -0.44
Get Original URL before being redirected by IIS +0.09
Recursively Find References in Solution (Visual Studio) 0.00
Remove repeating elements in list, Prolog +0.95
How do you create a 12hour time in JavaScript +0.07
How to retrieve characters starting from a specific string until la... +0.11
Is there a way to use in or = with a case statement in the where cl... -1.02
Substract elements from two lists | Prolog +0.33
What's the C++ equivalent of C#'s decimal type? +0.58
Filtering in sql +0.62
Why Does My Recursive Function Return Undefined? -0.38
Non-backtracking regex hangs node on strings with newlines +0.59
Markdown paragraph tag regex +0.02
How to find the largest number in an object using a for loop? -0.60
Function logging undefined and not the prime numbers +0.58
Perserve cookies between requests using AXIOS (Node.js) 0.00
Random.Next does work, but it doesn't return every value -0.89
How do I make the Toast appear? +0.50
Convert date to number data type +0.43
how to Include a npm package in my npm package -0.42
JOI validation to validare object from a given array of objects +1.42
For each value in column 1 get the value for column 3 based on the... -0.85
In Node, how to run a function when specific text appears in stdout? -0.40
Split a list into two in prolog -1.52