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Rating Stats for

Gouda Elalfy

1448.78 (4,406,016th)
5,189 (31,833rd)
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Title Δ
laravel passport outh2 not working in the livehost 0.00
SQL : Subquery returns more than 1 row +0.57
print_r SQL statement +0.06
Find_in_set returns an empty set? +0.57
Using str_replace with a HTML special character? 0.00
How would I delete all traces of a specific "Customer" fr... +1.93
How can I locate database in xampp path? 0.00
Date and time output as default into mySQL database instead 0.00
Retrieving data from mysql database after logging in +1.42
PHP - Login Form 0.00
Laravel error: MethodNotAllowedHttpException in RouteCollection.php... -0.07
PDO SQL query in php returning nothing? 0.00
Storing different columns from database to an array. -0.85
MySQL How to apply WHERE clause to all selected columns except one? -1.51
Output Message for multiple INSERT - mysql 0.00
How to use Normal Variable inside Static Method +0.57
Can't retrieve data from mysql and display 0.00
SQL:PDO bind error 0.00
Turn Laravel Query into Key Value? 0.00
php echo first row wait/sleep then echo second row -0.20
Laravel Distinct Count +0.59
Result of a PHP & MySQL query with hyperlink 0.00
Finding number of students who got pass mark using Php +0.31
php Update query won't update database -0.38
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class / Include extern .php +0.61
Laravel 5.2 count() giving different results for echo, dd() and var... -1.07
OOP: Get variable of class1 defined by construct from class2 (exten... +0.56
Update total amount of likes with jquery +0.37
php file only blank page without errors -1.10
PHP - clear the value on job title drop down list when reset button... -0.45
Select distinct in SQL? +0.23
How to select mutual friends +0.57
Select data with OR Case and still getting me wrong results +0.15
How to group the column value using PHP and MySQL +1.77
want to receive json data sent via ajax using php and store it in db +0.29
Laravel Dropdownlist : Data couldn't load form the database to... -0.18
how to use IN operator in laravel query (eleqouent and raw query)? -0.29
How can I insert a code as a text for a column into SQLite using SQ... 0.00
Laravel 5 says: "Unknown column 'user_id' in 'fiel... +0.21
Echo array_values from array +0.59
sql left join not working +0.58
Proper way to return array data in multi-dimensional array? -0.25
Is there a way to get results based on the results of a sub query? 0.00
get data from database in codeignitor -0.53
Warning: mysqli_query() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given. New... -0.59
Invalid Username or Password in Codeigniter 3 -1.77
Laravel 5: How to run a RAW MySQL statement? 0.00
Including files with names in array +0.58
Combine two tables in a new table +0.56