An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1530.66 (17,519th)
5,677 (28,822nd)
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Title Δ
Check if mysql entry exits then DELETE +4.19
mySQL SELECT timestamp(now()-3000); +3.62
MySQL Double Order +4.22
Module import Error Python -1.37
Best way of storing incremental numbers? +2.59
MYSQL where field in select statement too? -0.98
How to recover/restore the data (records) of my MySQL database on a... 0.00
How get incremented value from table -2.55
SQL Statement is failing due to pound (#) sign -0.36
How to parallelize list-comprehension calculations in Python? -2.46
MySQL optimization: Perform Maths operation inside or outside of a... +1.81
What happens to the variable in this case when it is overwritten wi... +0.38
MySql query and table optimisation -0.40
Conditional mySQL statement. If true UPDATE, if false INSERT +4.41
How do I add a unique index on a field in a partitioned MySQL DB? +0.26
Installing mysql-python on Centos 0.00
MySQL: return single record with 50 IDs, instead of a 50 records wi... +3.83
What is InnoDB and MyISAM in MySQL? +0.69
Is there any way to do a bulk/faster delete in mysql? +2.79
Checking network connection -0.97
Perl - If table does not exist -1.44
MySQL Variables, GROUP_CONCAT, and using it later +0.85
python multi threading/ multiprocess code +2.74
mysql distinct value for count -2.36
Calling in functions in another function -1.36
Check if multiple strings exist in another string -3.32
Why have a resource in mysql_real_escape_string? +2.87
Mysql InnoDB performance optimization and indexing -2.34
Rows dropping when I try to join data from two tables -1.48
MYSQL UPDATE with IN and Subquery +2.38
Pinging servers in Python +4.66
MySQL: should I use "date" and "time" fields wh... -1.96
Mysql, reshape data from long / tall to wide +4.50
Remove Primary Key in MySQL +1.86
How does Python manage int and long? +1.38
Does MySQL record how often it uses indices? -0.38
Subclassing Python dictionary to override __setitem__ -3.65
Python - automating MySQL query: passing parameter +3.81
PHP & mySQL: Repeating entries problem - Need each entry to sho... -0.18
Best practice: Import mySQL file in PHP; split queries -1.42
python mysql fetch query +2.53
How can I generate a unique ID in Python? -1.20
Sorting a tuple that contains lists +2.08
Ordering a list of dictionaries in python +0.49
Including Python standard libraries in your distribution +0.04
What is a clean, pythonic way to have multiple constructors in Pyth... -1.58
What's the best technology for connecting from linux to MS SQL Serv... -1.86
Working with MySQL booleans in python +2.16
MySQL not using indexes with WHERE IN clause? +0.56
How to check if there exists a process with a given pid? +3.98