An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Sergey Berezovskiy

1703.52 (125th)
194,787 (243rd)
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Title Δ
How to change an object property passed as a parameter? -2.13
MongoDB: find document whose subdocument contains a given value -2.91
AutoFixture build collection with unique property 0.00
Find the object with the longest string 0.00
Web API HttpPost method always receives GET 0.00
Remove all null entries from generic list of Object +1.10
how to check if a user input already exists in a text file within c# -2.96
How to update Windows Forms after running them? C# or F# 0.00
Find the last occurrence of a string in a file +0.79
Return Response as string +0.21
C# switch clause on boolean variable +0.54
Getting the value of an integer array from LIST<> -0.40
C# create string sequence with both number and characters -2.31
How to use join in finding data in MongoDB database? +0.23
Why can't I pipeline functions with explicit types 0.00
How do I write in text file, when I've created a file +0.30
Function, which deletes all code comments +0.22
How to tell which key was not found? -1.44
Avoid using database entity in a service layer in Onion-Architecture -0.65
How can I add a new method to FormattedString? +0.25
How to change the a Header of HttpContent -0.78
Translate hierarchical result set to custom object using LINQ 0.00
Iterate over items in Tuple +0.53
return id of newly created document in DocumentDB within .NET Core 0.00
DataTable type arguments cannot be inferred -2.61
WebAPI 2 Unit Test Error with method reference Service 0.00
How to get the URL of a web API controller action method that is cr... 0.00
mongodb $elemMatch required with a single query condition -2.86
Why I can't change a bool twice? 0.00
Comparing values in historic manner between 2 lists and increment t... +1.14
Why does ActionResult throw error if I don't return a view ? 0.00
Building a new list of Object with combination of other lists of Ob... -2.13
How to iterate different control types (Checkbox and TextBox) combi... 0.00
override list<T>.ToString() +0.22
Return enum list instead of string in enum extension helper 0.00
C# Retention for XML File -0.49
How to parse custom string to DateTime C#? +0.95
What is the NUnit framework lifecycle execution order? 0.00
How to filters arrays in Mongo +0.36
How to use Tuple.Create() method to create an tuple like this +0.23
Ordering column values with LINQ ignoring empty string values -0.83
MongoDb How to aggregate by month and year 0.00
How to reserved destination value when source value is null in Auto... -0.55
Check all list of values are in the enum c# -0.43
Select NEW INT using LINQ -0.52
Should a wrapper be tested in addition to the code it wraps? 0.00
Separating methods in the same class, used in a method under test,... -0.28
Divide a single List of Class Objects into multiple Lists based on... +1.54
"join" a collection on itself in aggregation 0.00
c# Find all common substring in List<string> +1.26