An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Sergey Berezovskiy

1703.66 (135th)
194,787 (244th)
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Title Δ
Divide array into chunks F# 0.00
Mismatch in record pattern and type on database record in F# 0.00
Lazy/Enforced Initialization of Primitive Typed Property in C# -0.77
Return value of one field from Database[ Entity Framework ] [ ASP.N... -0.76
how to combine 2 db calls into one 0.00
How to get witch values of specific enum passed to a method +0.22
How to create a type parametric abstract type in F#? 0.00
Frequency cipher in F# +0.23
How to use ZeroLog from F#? 0.00
Why .NET framework project can be added as reference in .NET Standa... 0.00
C# Nullable: Make nullchecking dependent on another property/variable 0.00
Could not find a parameterless constructor 0.00
Assert.Equal can not convert error while xUnit testing 0.00
NLog structured logging with duplicate hole names 0.00
How to do sum and assign value in F#? 0.00
How to unit test a Web API controller using XUnit 0.00
MongoDB C# CRUD 0.00
What's the syntax to derive a generic class from another generi... 0.00
Calling an API with secret and key in c# 0.00
LINQ how to pass multiple select as function parameter -0.90
Why F#'s idiomatic dictionary collection (Map<K,V>) needs... 0.00
StreamReader get next line and skip over empty lines +1.01
Top 5 Apps in UsageStats by PackageName 0.00
How to get Next and Previous values of Enumerator List? -0.86
howto pass dictionary key in a form event C#? 0.00
Is it possible to use narrow types with Fsharp? +0.23
How to distinguish class and delegate using Type API in C# 0.00
Scope confusion in F# 0.00
Does it make sense to have using statement inside class constructor? +0.21
Getting both SimpleJsonPatchDocument and JSON from body -0.28
Implementing a design pattern in a Database project -0.27
Is the c# coalescence the same as an if statement when setting to n... +0.67
Get pictures that stored in database to picture box +0.24
F# Inserting an element multiple times to a list +1.16
How to change an object property passed as a parameter? -2.13
MongoDB: find document whose subdocument contains a given value -2.91
AutoFixture build collection with unique property 0.00
Find the object with the longest string 0.00
Web API HttpPost method always receives GET 0.00
Remove all null entries from generic list of Object +1.10
how to check if a user input already exists in a text file within c# -2.96
How to update Windows Forms after running them? C# or F# 0.00
Find the last occurrence of a string in a file +0.79
Return Response as string +0.21
C# switch clause on boolean variable +0.54
Getting the value of an integer array from LIST<> -0.40
C# create string sequence with both number and characters -2.31
How to use join in finding data in MongoDB database? +0.23
Why can't I pipeline functions with explicit types 0.00
How do I write in text file, when I've created a file +0.30