An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Sergey Berezovskiy

1708.57 (104th)
188,885 (237th)
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Title Δ
Find the object with the longest string 0.00
Web API HttpPost method always receives GET 0.00
Remove all null entries from generic list of Object +1.10
how to check if a user input already exists in a text file within c# -2.96
How to update Windows Forms after running them? C# or F# 0.00
Find the last occurrence of a string in a file +0.79
Return Response as string +0.21
C# switch clause on boolean variable +0.54
Getting the value of an integer array from LIST<> -0.40
C# create string sequence with both number and characters -2.31
How to use join in finding data in MongoDB database? +0.23
Why can't I pipeline functions with explicit types 0.00
How do I write in text file, when I've created a file +0.30
Function, which deletes all code comments +0.22
How to tell which key was not found? -1.44
Avoid using database entity in a service layer in Onion-Architecture -0.65
How can I add a new method to FormattedString? +0.25
How to change the a Header of HttpContent -0.78
Translate hierarchical result set to custom object using LINQ 0.00
Iterate over items in Tuple +0.53
return id of newly created document in DocumentDB within .NET Core 0.00
DataTable type arguments cannot be inferred -2.61
WebAPI 2 Unit Test Error with method reference Service 0.00
How to get the URL of a web API controller action method that is cr... 0.00
mongodb $elemMatch required with a single query condition -2.86
Why I can't change a bool twice? 0.00
Comparing values in historic manner between 2 lists and increment t... +1.14
Why does ActionResult throw error if I don't return a view ? 0.00
Building a new list of Object with combination of other lists of Ob... -2.13
How to iterate different control types (Checkbox and TextBox) combi... 0.00
override list<T>.ToString() +0.22
Return enum list instead of string in enum extension helper 0.00
C# Retention for XML File -0.49
How to parse custom string to DateTime C#? +0.95
What is the NUnit framework lifecycle execution order? 0.00
How to filters arrays in Mongo +0.36
How to use Tuple.Create() method to create an tuple like this +0.23
Ordering column values with LINQ ignoring empty string values -0.83
MongoDb How to aggregate by month and year 0.00
How to reserved destination value when source value is null in Auto... -0.55
Check all list of values are in the enum c# -0.43
Select NEW INT using LINQ -0.52
Should a wrapper be tested in addition to the code it wraps? 0.00
Separating methods in the same class, used in a method under test,... -0.28
Divide a single List of Class Objects into multiple Lists based on... +1.54
"join" a collection on itself in aggregation 0.00
c# Find all common substring in List<string> +1.26
Is there some way of "peeking" a MoveNext(), or how can I... -0.32
How to turn a list of strings into an anonymous type with a propert... 0.00
LINQ query to return from one table based on matching another table 0.00