An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ali Sheikhpour

1506.00 (122,610th)
5,641 (29,100th)
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Title Δ
With jQuery, How do I handle more than multi-select elements on the... 0.00
Card game repeating cards +1.79
What is the technical details behind the JWplayer that IDM does not... 0.00
How to avoid repatation of code in JQuery? -0.76
Simplify my javascript click add/toggle/remove class -0.87
web.config Redirect rule not working in IE and FireFox 0.00
My android app not able to open directories to read files 0.00
show warning when login failed -0.51
How to apply .hide() in a particular dropdown in jQuery? +0.48
How to place a heart button with CSS 0.00
Placing divs side by side and adding elements in it -0.51
Question regarding collapsable content with html/css/js 0.00
How to avoid line breaks if there is space? -0.51
Include html file with image using PHP +0.24
on change after append new select2 0.00
JavaScript/JQuery conditionally hide rows in a table -0.29
QuerySelectorAll div and change its width onmouseover Javascript +0.54
Fixed header logic +0.51
HTML form with javascript for exporting feild contents - cant stop... -1.92
Dynamic field validation in jQuery 0.00
How get inputs value for validate 0.00
jquery animate not working on first click 0.00
What does it mean "HTML4 does not allow JavaScript to run with... 0.00
Read more button with jquery +0.50
web.config: exclude wordpress folder from redirect rule 0.00
How to check if RSS address is accessible 0.00
Position absoulte over position fixed is not visible in css 0.00
after converting html5canvas into image it is not getting inserted... 0.00
Light Bulb in Javascript doesn't Turn On +0.21
embed pdf in html: difference between gview and simple iframe 0.00
Adding different suffix's to number counters -0.18
Jquery - Append text to to Html +0.48
How to change border width +0.50
Why is server ignoring changes in the code files even though cache... +0.07
DOM - select a specific property of an HTML element -0.51
how to validate a input field in jquery or javascript with only ind... 0.00
Count how many files are attached to many inputs 0.00
how can i have one function be used on multiple items without creat... +0.26
Webview does not load javascript to get content -0.51
Changing text size via button -0.01
How to simplify Retrofit by ommiting the mediator class 0.00
HTML <select> one name for multiple $_POST variables +0.50
How to parse datetime returned in json from webapi to print at fron... 0.00
Can not interact with embedded Google Map 0.00
DOM manipulation inside loop happens too fast +1.87
NullPointer when get ActionBar +0.49
Angle on text so it looks more natural on image +0.98
setVisibility not working even in uiThread +0.50
Space on the right of the body for small devices 0.00
ERROR: Failed to resolve: play-services-basement 0.00