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1518.07 (34,584th)
28,342 (4,404th)
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Title Δ
Any difference between `auto* p = &n` and `auto p = &n`? 0.00
What is the difference between these 2 arrays 0.00
Adding values of two separate int vectors with different sizes? 0.00
How to write a if and else statement for a vector? -0.57
Typecasting from basic data type to user defined type +3.20
Overriding a member function with derived type in C++ -0.41
What is the function of "using namespace:std;" in C++? -0.02
How to prevent Dangling Pointer in C++ Legacy Code -0.29
Idiom for handling size_t underflow in loop condition -0.95
Identical bases conflict in multiple empty member optimization +2.66
Difference between dynamic memory allocation and automatic allocati... -0.08
Inserting numbers to a string +0.03
what is the special regarding int :0 in C++ -0.86
virtual function has different prints in normal function and destru... 0.00
Simplify 4 if/else checks on two booleans -0.01
Autodeduction of return type -0.20
Best way to concatenate and condense a std::vector<std::string> -0.78
What is the extra argument used for when overloading the decrement... +1.04
what actually sets the _WIN32 or _WIN64 preprocessor? -1.53
Is there any way to change function prototypes at compile time in C... +1.03
Default argument in struct c++ 0.00
What is the purpose of Anonymous Unions? -1.37
Prevent compiler from removing methods if methods are defined insid... +0.47
Does explicit type cast from double to integer always check for int... -1.27
The C programming language by K&R exercise 2-2: re-writing for... -1.95
int main = 0, is compiled but crashed +0.86
Prevent function taking const std::string& from accepting 0 -0.68
Do I need to define a virtual destructor even if the base and deriv... 0.00
How to force the compiler to declare functions in C/C++ itself? +0.15
How to store intergers to an array without knowing how many values... 0.00
How to call inherited class's functions in templated class +2.09
How can I make this C++ code shorter? I'm a beginner 0.00
Alias Declarations in C++ +1.05
Using RAII to replace the finally block to free memory -1.15
Why does push_back into vector<vector<int>> causing seg... +0.48
How should I write the constructor for my class 0.00
Whats wrong with my code for finding the roots of the quadratic equ... -1.26
Result of comparing hardcoded strings with == -0.84
The proper name for the following class relationship -0.27
Dynamically choose which #define to reference -0.49
what does *(iterator) and *(++iterator) means in below c++ code? 0.00
Malloc in C Programming - incompatible pointer types 0.00
Else if statement not functioning properly -1.40
How to safley deal with iterators in loops? -2.45
How does conversion of string literals to char arrays actually work... +2.07
Defining a variable before or within a loop -1.22
c++ shared_ptr does not provide a call operator -0.68
What's the difference between using a variable to define array... +1.50
#define macro doesn't as expect -0.07
"Field has incomplete type" question for classes that ref... +1.19