An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Noel Kennedy

1486.02 (4,462,970th)
9,164 (16,861st)
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Title Δ
tensorflow warning - Found untraced functions such as lstm_cell_6_l... 0.00
How to get cudnn to work ? ( failed to initialize ) +0.16
UNION ALL tables with different column names +1.98
Best searchable collection strategy for performance? -0.65
F# syntax for implementing a 'virtual' property implementing an int... -2.73
Null Reference Exception not related to a Null Object +4.11
Scala Lift - Stream an image from server -1.51
Instantiate a type based on json and metadata using lift-json 0.00
Installed wpf application is denied access to data files +2.32
value not found in filter/map operation -4.06
Test data to build tree menu using recursive method? 0.00
Generating combinations of substrings from a string -3.50
Implement same Generic Interface 2 times with different Generic par... +4.75
C# still hooked to an event after unhooking -1.60
Do firing events in C# block the current thread execution? -3.63
Setting One Windows Form as the MDI Child of Another Windows Form (... -4.26
Why is WPF rendering my controls with a diagonal split? -0.06
can .net framework 4 works on top of windows xp? -0.88
Validation ErrorTemplate not showing on data errors 0.00
What's a good alternative to firing a stored procedure 368 times to... -2.12
Is it possible to restrict/require certain capabilities in a Stream... -3.43
Where is Castle Windsor FromAssembly class located? 0.00
C# Initialize Subclass based on Parent object +4.10
make select @@IDENTITY; a long? +1.49
C# and Linq: Generating SQL Backup/Restore From Code +4.89
Microsoft Team System Equivalent stack +0.54
How do I import the msbuildcommunitytasks project from another msbu... +0.23
How do I import the msbuildcommunitytasks project from another msbu... -3.77
How to Make Sure UI is Responsive Using BackgroundWorker +1.90
Application behaving as a service -0.70
NHibernate Cascade none still updating related entity +2.17
DateTime precision in NHibernate and support for DateTime2 in NHibe... -1.98
Cascade issue when deleting an entity in a one-to-one relationship... -3.93
NUnit "missing" GPSVC.DLL on Windows 7/64 0.00
Visual Studio 2008 : Step to next line is very slow when debugging... -0.12
Example of nhibernate winform application 0.00
Converting an array of type T to an array of type I where T impleme... +0.01
Move SQL Server data in limited (1000 row) chunks -1.21
DDD: Primary keys (Ids) and ORMs (for example, NHibernate) +1.86
WPF Memory Usage +3.90
Does ADO.NET TableAdapters cache stored procedure names in a super... +0.17
Having trouble adding a linked SQL server +4.03
Prevent double-click from double firing a command -4.00
DataRelation Insert and ForeignKey +0.10
Organizing GUI code -3.46
NHiberate nested transaction blocking 0.00
IQueryable<> Serialization - C#-VS2008-WCF +1.80
How to have an auto incrementing version number (Visual Studio)? +4.08
Windows Forms - Validate DataGridView input 0.00
What is a good sample class to demonstrate TDD? +4.12