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Tom Hawtin - tackline

1554.38 (6,626th)
130,196 (482nd)
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Title Δ
Which problems can stem from overriding java.util.HashSets contains... 0.00
Common Java Interface for variant raw types 0.00
Retrive serialized JFrame to upload in MySql 0.00
Java 8 getOrDefault method on HashMap not working as expected +1.92
Why doesn't Java support adding `throws` to the method signature? 0.00
Java generics both methods have same erasure error +0.43
Why creating generic List not binding the right data type at runtime? -0.36
Why can java.lang.Object no be coverted into T? 0.00
Incompatible types when using nested upper-bounded wildcards 0.00
Which data structure is better for searching elements using sequent... 0.00
Best way to implement while loop in java 8 or later +0.43
Is there locking in the Atomic compareAndSet method in Java? +1.12
Understanding InheritableThreadLocal in Java -0.57
For loop within if statement in Java 0.00
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when trying to implement minimax algorithm 0.00
Java 11 compiler not recognizing static BiFunction in main method -0.12
Is ObjectOutputStream.writeObject to a file thread safe? +1.01
Why aren't my instances of ObjectInput/OutputStrem creating? 0.00
Confusion of static variables in java 0.00
JFrame Update fails because of sleeping Thread 0.00
Can a class extended from another class use the same method with di... +0.43
Is there a way to make an argument in a constructor optional? -0.31
The blank final field seed may not have been initialized 0.00
Return value outside of loop when it was initial inside of loop +0.39
Constructors with too many parameters +0.86
Java thread enters while condition even if the condition is false -2.45
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPoin... -2.20
How to Deserialize the current object 0.00
Should volatile variables in Java not be visible on second thread? +1.82
JTable CellRenderer changes foreground color only when focused 0.00
Serialization : SerialVersion UID generation process +0.42
Is it possible to call an overridden method outside the main class? 0.00
Unable to convert from int to Integer in Java +0.42
Comparing Character value vs Character Array value 0.00
How can I improve my code design to remove the need for 'instan... 0.00
How to randomly choose operators? +0.42
Default Constructor is getting executed before Static block in java +1.41
Should Key Bindings be Declared inside the EDT? 0.00
Class cannot be cast to java.lang.Comparable 0.00
Data loss when passing objects via ObjectStream 0.00
Check if a field is true or false with reflections in java -0.32
Type Bounds with Comparable Interface in Java -0.62
Java Abstract classes good practices -0.08
How to modify HashMaps according to values -0.97
How to check a specific class type exists in the inheritance chain 0.00
Instantiate an interface using java reflections? +1.98
In JAVA, after thread notify, what does it execute immediately? wai... 0.00
What is causing my java awt and swing browser's back button to... 0.00
Confused with <?>,<? extends Object>,<? super Object... 0.00
generic type to static method +1.22