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Pavel Anikhouski

1584.13 (2,683rd)
215 (453,228th)
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Title Δ
How to register HttpClient that will authenticate domain user -0.45
net5 self-contained exe misses some system DLLs 0.00
C# Error CS0738 when class inherits from interface and with type th... -0.11
Record types: overriding EqualityContract breaks the equality/hashc... 0.00
Some C# 9 features not available after upgrading Asp.Net Core 3.1 a... +1.93
Creating .app bundle on Mac from self contained .net core console app 0.00
How to remove a key value pair within a nested json structure in C# +1.93
C# Return list of objects with matching attributes -0.10
Resharper throwing Possible 'System.InvalidOperationException&#... +0.38
Deserializing json into new objects 0.00
Convert custom single string into JSON in c# and construct final js... +0.37
Name of first property in JSON +0.34
Combine two list of lists in LINQ +1.13
Why can't a deriving class override a property in its base clas... -2.20
Method that accepts generic argument as null 0.00
What is different in case-insensitivity between HashSet Contains an... 0.00
How to specify example value for a parameter in C# XML doc comments? 0.00
Check whether an object is from a generic type(regardless of generi... 0.00
Find JToken if value matches with a given pattern 0.00
Convert List< Guid ?> to List< Guid > 0.00
Create a new list with values other than a property of the class of... +1.57
C# Check if dictionary contains key which is a reference type -0.09
Can this be done in 1 iteration instead of 2 and will it solve mult... +1.78
c# Fill string with 0 at left 0.00
Linq - Ordering Json Products by Price Double 0.00
C# dont understand covariance and contravariance of delegates 0.00
C# 9.0 Support for Top-level programs in Visual Studio 2019 0.00
Class / constructor to Action<T>? 0.00
C# string array orderBy problem with accent characters 0.00
C# Json - extract a list of values from a JsonArray 0.00
Newtonsoft deserialize Array to class with properties 0.00
Conversion failed with "date" was not recognized as a val... 0.00
Consume a Web Service in C#: Remove Task.Wait() 0.00
How to get property value from .net dynamic array object 0.00
mock setup with array parameter 0.00
Time offset format with City names in C# 0.00
Parsing string into key value pairs C# 0.00
How to cut string coming from serial port in C#? 0.00
Why does sub-arrays of a jagged array become sorted when I sort the... -0.70
cast property inside linq where clause +1.17
C# LinQ Group By Multiple Columns Find Differences in Data 0.00
Add a new value to a JSON 0.00
Deserialize JSON array of arrays into c# class +1.46
Removing strings with duplicate letters from string array 0.00
Nullable reference types: "Try" method pattern, getting w... +0.42
What is the most efficient way to merge dictionaries containing a l... -1.45
Is there any way that I can simplify the use of multiple "if&#... +0.15
Convert a Dictionary<string,List<string>> into a List&l... +0.37
Enable Nullable Reference Types feature of C# 8.0 for all classes i... 0.00
C# multiple switch cases same value lambda syntax +0.30