An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1604.18 (1,613th)
16,625 (8,360th)
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Title Δ
ILogger is not injected when using new DI functionality - Azure Fun... 0.00
Apple Push Notification service server certificate update 0.00
How can I safely generate GUIDs within an Azure Durable Function? 0.00
How to create an instance of Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.HttpRequest... 0.00
Is there a better (more safe) way to get the class of the parameter... -0.53
Adding dependency injection to Azure Functions via Startup.cs resul... 0.00
Xamarin Forms iOS error MT5202: Native linking failed 0.00
Why does this Google Sheets formula for the last non-empty cell in... -1.88
How can I use a Term Query to search within this array? +1.18
How to insert initial data into Mendix Database? 0.00
Google Sheets API returns "Invalid values[3][1]: struct_value... 0.00
"zsh: command not found: dotnet-svcutil" after upgrading... 0.00
"Unable to find package Microsoft.NETCore.App.Host.osx-x64&quo... 0.00
Postgres: Why did adding index slow down regexp queries? -0.14
What does find list operation return if not found? 0.00
How to import a widget package in Mendix? 0.00
Why does this multithreaded program output 100 instead of the expec... +1.34
Mendix setup problem - suggested code not working 0.00
Confusing Switch/Case results 0.00
Why does Java's Date.after() return 'true' when the dat... +1.48
implementation of put method in a hashmap +1.10
Modify getters to avoid NSNull -0.14
UIScrollView scrolling stops working after adding width and height... 0.00
How to scroll UITableView to the previous contentOffset after inser... -0.72
UIImage error: index out of range 0.00
How can I open the built-in browser in Visual Studio without openin... 0.00
Parsing XML rows using script Component 0.00
Single tab bar item present different view controllers depending on... 0.00
iOS 10.1 Simulator shows "Application May Slow Down Your iPhon... +1.41
IPA file for In-house development -1.34
Xamarin iOS - UITextView passes the area limit +1.46
searching for an item in an array triggered by tap gesture handler 0.00
How do I access the available data when I click an annotation? +0.32
Can someone explain this C# static class property? +0.04
Potential leak of an object stored into 'cfuuid' 0.00
Play Video When Notification fire -0.64
Redshift error Overflow for NUMERIC(8,4) 0.00
input sanitation for select option fields necessary? -0.65
Is there a point of marking a method in interface abstract? 0.00
Short-Circuit If Condition Does not work +1.82
How do i add to the List<FileInfo> also the size of each file... +0.34
Swift JSON error : Could not cast value of type '__NSDictionary... +2.48
Use List or Dictionary? -0.94
Adding 'N' no of years to Date in database 0.00
converting objective c to swift - GameKit +0.53
Finding the lowest NSInteger from NSArray +1.64
Set row height for only one tableView and ignore other tableView... -0.52
<access origin="http://*" launch-external="yes&qu... 0.00
XML elements to Tuple using LINQ in C# -0.12
How do I wait for a view to come into the view hierarchy? +0.37