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1481.09 (4,317,557th)
601 (232,302nd)
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Title Δ
How do I concisely update a highly nested object model using swift? 0.00
How do I retrieve a value from a closure to be returned within a fu... -1.66
Access struct data after JSON parse, Swift 0.00
Correct way to create CollectionView programmatically +0.47
how to sort two array and add it to third one using textfield in sw... -0.21
Filter items to section -0.42
my Callback in CollectionViewCell doesn't work correctly +0.53
how to import a function from another file in swift +0.51
Why does SomeStruct() is AnyObject return true? -1.62
Hide switching of storyboards 0.00
UITextView does not change textColor property 0.00
value?.min != nil ? value!.min : nil not force unwrapping writing O... -0.64
Is it safe (or good programming style) to initialize a lazy var wit... 0.00
How viewmodel and view communicates? +0.03
Global Loading Icon Swift +0.86
The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format Xc... 0.00
How to show all TextField in a view that stored in a array / Swift 5 +0.61
Save Array of Strings to CoreData +0.38
How to know if a background task is finished in swift? +0.04
How to get cell indexpath using item value? +0.09
Even after initialising, why am I getting this error? +1.70
Return a value from a Alamofire closure 0.00
Unable to iterate array of dictionary as it says "Value to typ... 0.00
How do i setup custom font 0.00
How to Access Asset Catalog colour set programmatically -0.79
Swift: Testing a URLSession called with delegates 0.00
How to stop label in long text? 0.00
scroll view's leading and trailing constraint messed up in rtl... 0.00
Sending Multiple stored data from Saved Local Data base into Server... 0.00
How to override swift protocol functions for subclasses (e.g. UILab... -3.24
Write unit test for function calling Async request and return nothing 0.00
How to modify view.alphaValue at runtime and take effect -3.69
Completion handler called twice (with threading) -0.99
How to get all cells from UICollectionView given a specific row ind... -0.07
number of methods and variables in a class Swift iOS 0.00
Array of objects that have specific type +4.29
My textView bottomAnchor does not seem to work? -3.76
when launch app firsttime i am getting crash at didReceiveRemoteNot... -1.53
Question about moving index values after comparing array values in... -0.43
Generic view configurator 0.00
What does this console warning mean for my constraints? 0.00
how to make circular image that is in button in swift? -1.79
Can we edit scale of 3D object in world space programmatically in S... +0.10
Why Cell labels and arrays are blank in cellForRow function even af... -4.09
What does the reduce(_:_:) function work in swift? -0.49
How can I measure in iOS app like the measurue app of Apple? 0.00
Getting a return value from a func in another class +4.09
Name node always nil - ARKit Swift +4.06
Can anyone give me an example about unit testing in iOS Swift? +4.16
SceneKit detect when SCNode is not moving +4.46