An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1539.83 (11,892nd)
22,144 (5,970th)
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Title Δ
What is porting in RTOS -1.78
How do I convert the VBA long &HFFFFFFF0 to a uint for use in C#? 0.00
How to return PDF using iText 0.00
About javascript object property assignment +0.45
Strange console.log behavior 0.00
System.Threading.Task randomly doesn't call its action? 0.00
Clarification on C# RegEx syntax 0.00
Why does .NET Math.Cos() return a wrong answer for pi/2? -0.09
C# ContainsKey returns true once an item is in the Collection -0.55
Simplified using statements in Unity 0.00
Simple question about using functions and invoking them -2.26
How to pass a variable reference to a function in JavaScript? -0.73
How to define the smallest difference between two arrays? +1.58
Convert C# class property into XML attribute +0.45
cannot implicitly convert type int to system collections generic li... 0.00
Create an Attribute which will treat the decorated method as a dele... 0.00
JavaScript arrow functions without parentheses for example function... +0.41
Boolean regex AND with multiple capture groups in Javascript not wo... 0.00
How to set System.Security transparency on project level 0.00
Trying to print values in list is giving me "Project.Game" -1.77
What is Endpoint Discovery? 0.00
Confusion over String.Remove +1.92
Javascript new date is 15 days off +0.44
Uncaught ReferenceError js 0.00
Why am I having an error connecting javascript to simple html? -0.93
Can someone explain how this code even works? -2.10
StreamWriter is writing a weird line at the end of a file +2.32
ICollection acting as IEnumerable 0.00
SendGrid CORS Response in C# 0.00
/// not creating summaries for methods and functions 0.00
C# Dictionary - Does adding same set of keys in the same order ever... +1.03
Escape generic type parameter in <code> XML summary tag 0.00
Understanding JavaScript evaluation +0.19
Processing multiple values in each other's get property +0.46
Question about language design (arrays and indexing) +2.06
Extracting part of URL in string format after a specific word -1.92
I can't find the System.Media namespace in Visual Studio 2019 0.00
Can not use the BLL I created 0.00
c# - iTextSharp - Cannot access a closed Stream 0.00
How does authentication token get authenticated in server? 0.00
Why is Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject adding "_re... 0.00
How is ReadLock any good in ReaderWriterLockSlim? 0.00
How can I build a regex to exclude all, except letters and numbers? 0.00
lodash implicit gives "_ is not a function" error 0.00
Image byte array is not saving properly to database 0.00
Is there a way to set the configuration settings for a class that y... 0.00
Are Char type to a UInt16 type in .NET implemented the same under t... +1.71
Cannot deserialize JSON Object into List 0.00
Downloading mail attachments damaging files -1.66
Invalid time zone specified: US/Alaska, US/Arizona, US/Mountain, US... 0.00